The performance monster in the pickup is a rare 6×6 driver. Rezvani Hercules pickup is really powerful

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In the market, there are few 6×6 drive pickups. The mainstream 6×6 pickups include Mercedes Benz g63 AMG 6×6, Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6 launched by American Hennessey performance company based on Ford Raptor and Hennessey fierce mm elephant 6×6 launched based on ram 1500 TRX. The 6×6 pickup truck has a high price positioning. Ordinary families can’t afford it. It is a toy for the rich.


Recently, however, rezvani motors, an American start-up, launched a 6×6 pickup with crazy performance data and high price – rezvani Hercules 6×6 pickup. As a newly established company, rezvani automobile company’s products are unusual. For example, the sports car rezvani beast X and SUV rezvani tank X are non mainstream models in the market, and they are also avant-garde in shape. Although it is small, rezvani automobile company also constantly updates and launches its products. Rezvani Hercules 6×6 pickup truck is the best example.


Card friends, let’s enjoy rezvani Hercules 6×6 style.


1、 Appearance

The performance monster in the pickup is a rare 6x6 driver. Rezvani Hercules pickup is really powerful

In terms of appearance, rezvani Hercules 6×6 pickup truck is like a monster. The overall appearance highlights the characteristics of performance pickup truck and is extremely aggressive. The whole car is full of dynamic and sharp body lines to bring excellent aerodynamic effect. The engine hood adopts muscle contour design, which is strong and powerful. The honeycomb air inlet grille at the front adopts trapezoidal design, and the chrome plated rezvani logo is pasted in the middle to highlight strong brand recognition. The front bumper is powerful and powerful, with the visual experience of an off-road military vehicle. The LED front combination headlights with daytime running lights are bright and bright. Combined with the forward air grille, they are like a cheetah looking for food.


The cab used is a double row cab. In addition, the driver can sit five people. The body adopts the elegant black coating style, which is solemn and mysterious. The orange painted wheel hub gives rezvani Hercules 6×6 a young style. At the same time, it is equipped with some very practical functional configurations, such as automatic retraction of side steps and high-intensity auxiliary LED lights. The automatic retraction side step also enhances the trafficability of rezvani Hercules in the retracted state.


The length of Hercules 6×6 pickup is 6197mm, which is about 200mm longer, 2286mm wide and 2006mm high than the 5895mm length of Ford’s full-size pickup Raptor F-150. In China, the proper size is a 4.5t light truck, but if the length is more than 6m, it will be given a yellow card. The wheelbase between the first axis and the second axis of Hercules 6×6 pickup is 3505mm, and the wheelbase between the first axis and the third axis is 4495mm. Thanks to the addition of the third axle, the Hercules 6×6 pickup is also equipped with a 2377mm long container.


The orange guardrail is also used for the container guardrail, which has a decorative effect. The words rezvani and Hercules painted on the body also adopt orange effect, which echoes with the orange wheel hub, which also increases the vitality of the whole body and is no longer monotonous and colorless.


2、 Interior


Compared with the sharp appearance, the interior of Hercules 6×6 pickup seems regular and can’t impress people at a glance. However, the overall impression is that the cockpit is friendly, and all basic comfort configurations have been equipped. The seat does not adopt an integrated ergonomic seat, focusing on comfort, and the sense of science and technology can be ignored.


In order to obtain high-quality touch and sitting feeling, rezvani provides Hercules 6×6 pickup with optional customized nappa leather seats and suede leather seat linings. The seat seams reflect the texture of the manufacturing process. The orange collocation runs through the whole interior design to create a passionate feeling of off-road sports. These seats are specially designed and are available in more than 10 styles. There is still a bulge in the middle of the rear row, which is a little inconvenient for the rear passengers.


Hercules 6×6 pickup storage box is not designed too much. It’s good to be sufficient overall. Hercules 6×6 pickup is equipped with automatic gear, and the gear lever is wrapped in leather, which has good touch texture. The equipped central control HD large screen does not show its high-tech sense in appearance or function. There is nothing wrong with the regular interior, and comfort is its main selling point. The multi-function direction is also one of its standard configurations.


3、 Power and performance


The rezvani Hercules 6×6 is available in three engines. First, the standard 3.6-liter pentastar V-6 engine can produce 285 HP; Second, the optional 6.4-liter hemi V-8 engine can produce 500 HP; Third, the 7.0l supercharged V-8 engine can produce 1300 HP, and its power performance can be called monster level.


In addition, Hercules 6×6 pickup also provides two off-road kits, including off-road tires and three inch fox off-road suspension with Dana 60 axle. The 16 inch piston caliper brake equipped with R1 concepts has excellent braking performance. Hercules 6×6 can switch between two wheel, four-wheel and six wheel drive configurations as needed. It can easily cope with mountains, mountain roads and waterways.


Hercules 6×6 pickup also offers its military version, which is about $100000 more expensive than the ordinary model. The military version of Hercules 6×6 pickup is equipped with bulletproof vests and bulletproof glass, bottom explosion protection and deflagration protection tires. In addition, it is also equipped with some practical functions on the battlefield, such as electromagnetic pulse protection (making the surrounding electronic equipment unusable), thermal night vision system (which can display thermal signals and night vision at the same time), blind light system and smoke screen system, which can release dense smoke to shield the tracker; It is also equipped with an electric door handle to prevent unwelcome guests from entering. In addition, Hercules 6×6 pickup also includes: self sealing oil tank, radiator protection, reinforced suspension, RAM bumper, siren and horn options, flash lamp, intercom system, magnetic dead bolt, gas mask, first aid kit, hypothermia kit, continuous video recording, etc.


4、 Conclusion


Hercules 6×6 pickup truck is really a monster worthy of the name. It is very exciting at a glance, but it is also difficult to get on the road under the restrictions of China’s urban roads. At the same time, the price of Hercules 6×6 pickup truck is also very cheap. It costs US $225000, which is unbearable for ordinary consumers. It also reflects that it is a rich man’s toy and plays with a different sense of excitement.

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