The Ford Bronco pickup finally arrived

ortingsa Date:2021-08-03 11:52:49
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Pickup rim has been dreaming up a pickup version of the Bronco since it was unveiled last year. This hot American hard – style SUV, after the launch of the direct competitor is wrangler. So far, Bronco’s new car orders have reached 125,000 and are growing. According to reliable sources, Ford will later release a pickup version of the Bronco, which will be a direct competitor to Jeep’s Gladiator. A rendering of Bronco’s pickup truck has been released by the US media. Let’s take a look at it.


The Bronco pickup truck looks like a gladiator, and the four-door model continues the style of the SUV, according to the image. The all-in-one headlights and midnet, smooth and soft lines, and even the C-pillar are identical to the SUV version. According to the current Bronco power speculation, the future version of the four-door pickup may be equipped with a 2.7T twin-turbocharged V6 engine, with a maximum power of 231kW and a maximum torque of 542N·m, matching a 10AT transmission, and supporting a four-wheel drive system.


The media never seem to stop imagining Bronco, and there was an earlier, even craztier picture of a Bronco 6×6 pickup truck inspired by the Mercedes G 6×6. Based on the regular Bronco (i.e., the Wilder looking one), the Bronco has a harder look, with the same black, expanded eyebrows as the SUV. Because of the non-load bearing body, the designers added a rear axle directly to the bottom of the box, making it a straight six-wheel drive. The box is also large in size, with a black roll cage.

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