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Recently, the actual pictures of Cadillac's new Carlyle were released. The new car has been sold in some markets. As a full-size SUV, its main competitors include Lincoln Navigator, BMW X7 and other models. Earlier news showed that GM plans to introduce four full-size SUV models in China, including Cadillac and Carlyle, but the specific introduction time has not been disclosed. Before the formal introduction, the new car is expected to be sold in China in the form of import, and it is expected to be listed as soon as the end of this year or next year.
According to media reports, the price of Cadillac's new all-electric SUV: LYRIQ has been confirmed, and the new vehicle will be officially opened for reservation overseas on September 18, with a starting price of $59,990. The new Cadillac LYRIQ is based on the GM Ultium platform, is Cadillac's first pure electric SUV model, but also Cadillac's bold attempt to electrify the future transformation, the new car will be Mercedes EQC and BMW iX3 and other competing models after the launch.
Cadillac has officially announced that the production version of the first pure electric SUV LYRIQ will open for pre-order at 4 p.m. ET on September 18, with a pre-order price starting at $58,795. The new vehicle will be the first model built by BEV3, GM's new modular pure electric architecture, positioned as a mid-size SUV between the XT5 (4813mm) and XT6 (5050mm) and will be equipped with a new Ultium battery pack that will provide approximately 482km of pure electric range.
Pre-orders for the production version of Cadillac's all-new LYRIQ will begin at 4 p.m. Et on Sept. 18, with pre-orders starting at $55,795, officials have learned. The new vehicle is positioned as a mid-size pure electric SUV based on gm's BEV3 platform, equipped with gm's latest Ultium battery system and with a range of more than 300 miles under EPA conditions.