Four configurations of Kia EV6 new pure electric crossover suv

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Recently, Kia EV6 new pure electric cross-border SUV model was officially launched in South Korea, with a starting price of 47.3 million won. It is reported that Kia EV6 provides three configurations: Standard Version, long-range version and GT line; In the second half of next year, the high-performance version of EV6 will be added: GT version, a total of four models.


Four configurations of Kia EV6 new pure electric crossover suv


In terms of appearance, the design of the new car adopts the design concept of Kia’s new pure electric family. The front of the car cancels the tiger roaring air inlet grille, changes to a through closed shape, and is directly connected with the special-shaped headlights on both sides. The front face shapes of the ordinary, GT line and GT models are different. The bottom air inlet of the ordinary model is a through design, which is more introverted. The last two models are changed to a three-stage design, which has a more sports atmosphere. In addition, the GT version is equipped with exclusive brake calipers and 21 inch sports wheels. The tail lamp adopts the popular through LED lamp band design, which has excellent recognition.


Kia’s new EV6 provides two kinds of power: single motor two-wheel drive and dual motor four-wheel drive. The standard version is equipped with a 58.0kw · h battery pack with a maximum range of 370km; The long endurance 4WD version is equipped with dual motors with a comprehensive output power of 239kw and a 77.4kw · h battery pack, with a maximum driving mileage of 475km; The high-performance GT version is equipped with front and rear dual motors, with a comprehensive power of 430kw and an acceleration of 0-100km / h shortened to 3.5 seconds.


In terms of interior decoration, the design of the new car adopts a minimalist style, equipped with a two-piece multifunctional steering wheel embedded with Kia’s new logo and a large-size suspended dual screen. GT line version is equipped with electric driver seat with memory function, led ambient light and other configurations. The new car is also equipped with Kia’s latest “Kia connect” system and augmented reality head up display technology (AR HUD), which can project driving information onto the windshield within the driver’s line of sight, which is practical and highly scientific.

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