Audi’s new q2l family launched 4 models

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Recently, the real photos of Audi’s new modified q2l family have been exposed. The new car has launched four models. The new car will compete positively with Mercedes Benz GLA, BMW x2 and other models in the market.

Audi's new q2l family launched 4 models

In terms of appearance, the biggest change is to provide a dual appearance design. One is to match the honeycomb air inlet grille with the through front surround, and provide a blackening kit, which is more sporty as a whole; The other is more off-road style, using a vertical grille, and the rear of the car echoes each other. Q2l e-tron adds new energy elements on the basis of the former. In terms of body size, because the new q2l introduces a new dual appearance kit, the body length is slightly upgraded compared with the old model.


In terms of interior decoration, the new q2l is consistent with the cash, providing 12.3-inch LCD instrument and 8.3-inch suspended central control screen. Some models are also equipped with Audi sports seats, and the material is also upgraded to Alcantara suede, highlighting the car’s youth, fashion and sportiness.


In terms of power, Audi’s new modified q2l family provides two different power versions: pure fuel version and pure electric version. The fuel version will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T engine, with a maximum power of 110KW and a peak torque of 250N · M. the transmission system is equipped with a 7-speed dry dual clutch gearbox. The pure electric version q2l e-tron continues to be equipped with a single motor, with a maximum power of 100kW and a peak torque of 290n · M. The battery energy density is upgraded from 121wh / kg to 135wh / kg, the power consumption per 100 km is reduced from 13.9kwh/100km to 13.5kwh/100km, and the range is also increased from 265km to 334km.


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