All-new Toyota Corolla Cross released for 2022 start

ortingsa Date:2021-09-15 16:22:41
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The new Toyota Corolla Cross has now been officially launched in the Japanese home market, and the model is now being produced at the Takaoka plant in Japan with a production capacity target of 4,400 units/month. At the same time, FAW Toyota is currently building a new SUV project codenamed 891B, which is reportedly the released Corolla Cross, and can also be seen as the SUV version of the Corolla, which is expected to go on sale in January 2022 at the earliest. At present, Toyota new Corolla Cross overseas market starting price of 1,999,000 yen, while the new car positioning will also be lower than the C-HR, Eze and other models.


All-new Toyota Corolla Cross released for 2022 start


The Toyota Corolla Cross is 4460×1825×1620mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2640mm, and its body dimensions have surpassed the Honda Colorado model. The new car interior design is also more similar to the Toyota RAV4 model, equipped with a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, and equipped with mechanical pointer + LCD combination instrumentation and suspended LCD center screen.


Power, will be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine or 1.8L hybrid engine, transmission system matching CVT or E-CVT transmission.

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