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Recently, Mercedes Benz officially released a group of official drawings of G-class military regulation models. The new car is built based on the civilian model, and on this basis, it is equipped with wading throat and new appearance kit, which looks more rough. At the same time, the new car is equipped with 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine, which has better power performance after re adjustment.
The rumors about BMW's new flagship SUV X8 can be traced back to four years ago. During these four years, netizens all over the world were guessing the appearance and positioning of the car. It was not until a month ago that the chairman of BMW vaguely announced the existence of the new SUV. After all, the test car had been photographed by foreign media more than once. It is understood that the BMW X8 will be officially unveiled at the end of this year.
An unpublished limited edition was presented by the Japanese company for its national production model. Next, I know all the details.
Mini’s product lineup is feeling a bit stale, but the brand is at an odd inflection point as consumers continue to choose crossovers and SUVs over sedans and coupes. That’s not great for Mini’s lineup of small vehicles, and the transition to electrified propulsion isn’t helping either – it does offer the all-electric SE. However, the company is preparing “Something Thrilling” for October, though we have no idea what it could be.
In just a year, Jeep has gone from offering zero three-row vehicles to two: the 2021 Jeep Wagoneer and the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. While the Wagoneer is mechanically related to the Ram 1500 pickup and competes with the Chevrolet Tahoes of the world, the Grand Cherokee L landed in the ultra-competitive three-row crossover set with Palisades and Tellurides. And if you're wondering why the all-new L showed up before the two-row Grand Cherokee was replaced, consider that three-row midsize SUVs sell substantially better than two-row ones. The difference between a Honda Pilot and Passport is almost comical.
The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee has finally arrived. Slotting in alongside the three-row variant that was unveiled earlier this year, the standard two-row model gains essentially the same new tech and features, albeit with less interior passenger and cargo room. It's not all downsides, though, as the two-row model is also the first variant of the Grand Cherokee to incorporate Jeep's new 4xe plug-in hybrid powertrain. We covered quite a bit of ground with the unveiling of the Grand Cherokee L, so be sure to check that out if you're curious about any of the Grand Cherokee family's newer features.
The Genesis brand is still trying to distinguish itself, in both the highly competitive luxury marketplace and from its own increasingly upscale cousins at Hyundai and Kia. Being a standout becomes doubly difficult when the car is an electric vehicle built atop a modular skateboard shared with the other Hyundai Group brands. However, in our first peek at the Genesis GV60, the top dog in Hyundai's trio of E-GMP cars, we found it imbued with an astounding level of differentiation.
Recently, the spy photos of Volkswagen new t-roc exploration song without fake road test have been exposed overseas. The new car is undergoing the final test. It is planned to be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year, take the lead in overseas sales and officially delivered next year. In other markets, the new car is expected to be officially changed as a 2022 model next year, and the price is expected to be the same as the cash.
Recently, we learned from DS officials that its DS 3 ines de la FRESSANGE limited edition model will be officially launched on September 29. As a special model of DS 3, the new car has re matched the appearance, interior and other parts, so that the new station shows the unique charm of French romance.
Although BMW I3 announced to stop production in July this year, BMW recently launched the unique forever edition of BMW I3 special edition, which adopts special paint colors and interior materials. It is reported that the car will be limited to 2000 vehicles worldwide.
As a modified model, the new Porsche Macan s has been improved in shape, etc. the larger grille on the front face is a more significant change, and it is more in line with the latest family design language of Porsche. Specifically, the air intakes in the center and on both sides of the new car are jointly accommodated in the dark grille around to form a whole, further widening the horizontal visual effect.
Recently, we learned from overseas media that polestar plans to launch three new models before 2024, namely the brand's first SUV model polestar3, two door sedan model polestar4 and polestar5.
Golf R travel edition not only has strong performance attributes, but also has a unique "pot" figure. It can be said to be a minority among the minority. Now, the 2021 Golf R
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