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Terms of service


Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing and using the network services provided by “ortingsa”. If a user accesses or uses the services provided by “ortingsa”, it will be deemed that the user agrees and accepts all the terms of this agreement. The user shall not claim that the agreement is invalid or require the cancellation of the agreement on the grounds of not reading the agreement or any misunderstanding of the agreement..




(1) ortingsa has the right to modify any provision of this agreement at any time. Once ortingsa modifies any provision of this agreement, ortingsa will provide a link to the latest version (including its effective date) on the website. “ortingsa” encourages users to browse this agreement regularly.


(2) If the user does not accept the modification of this agreement, the user can immediately stop using the service of “ortingsa”. If the user continues to use ortingsa’s services after the modification of the terms of this agreement, it shall be deemed that the user accepts the modification of this agreement.


2.Privacy statement and other special terms


(1) Protecting users’ privacy according to law is the basic policy of “ortingsa”. The “ortingsa” privacy statement applicable to the user constitutes a part of this Agreement and includes the following contents: what information “ortingsa” collects from the user when the user browses the “ortingsa” website; How “ortingsa” will use this information; The circumstances under which “ortingsa” will disclose such information; And user selection.


(2) Other special terms may apply to certain services provided by “ortingsa”. “ortingsa” will provide users with these special terms or publish them on relevant pages when users use relevant specific services. Please read them carefully before using relevant specific services. If the user uses relevant specific services, it will be deemed that the user agrees and accepts the constraints of these special terms.


3.Registration and login control


(1) Users must provide accurate registration information when registering, and should be updated in time in case of any change after registration. After the user is registered successfully, “ortingsa” will set an account for the user, and the user can set the corresponding password. The account and password shall be kept by the user, and the user shall be responsible for all activities carried out by his account.


(2) Any account in “ortingsa” website is the property of “ortingsa”. After registration, the user only obtains the right to use the relevant account. The user can only use the account for personal and non-commercial purposes, and shall not transfer, lease, gift or inherit the account to any third party.


4.Intellectual property and licensing


(1) All information contained in the network services provided by “ortingsa” (including but not limited to any text, pictures, audio and video, etc.) and any software used to provide the services are protected by intellectual property rights and other relevant laws. Users can only use “ortingsa” services for personal and non-commercial purposes. Except for the purpose of using “ortingsa” services, the user shall not copy, forward or otherwise use any information contained in the services provided by “ortingsa” in any way without the prior written consent of “ortingsa”.


(2) If users want to copy, forward or otherwise use any content or works of the “ortingsa” website, please contact ortingsa online: https://www.ortingsa.com/ 。


(3) This Agreement does not authorize the user to use any trademark, service mark and domain name of “ortingsa”.


5.Third party content and advertising


“ortingsa” websites sometimes provide third-party content or links to third-party websites. ortingsa does not review, evaluate or agree to these third-party content or links. Users shall make their own judgment on the above third-party content or links, and bear all risks arising from their use. ortingsa makes no warranty or assumes any liability for the content or links of these third parties.


6.Website usage and account deletion


(1) If “ortingsa” unilaterally determines that the user violates this agreement or applicable laws and regulations, “ortingsa” may restrict the user from using “ortingsa” network services or delete the user’s account and relevant contents and information in the account without notice. “ortingsa” shall not be liable for the losses suffered by the user. If the user disagrees with this service agreement, the user shall immediately stop using the “ortingsa” service.


(2) Unless otherwise agreed in the special terms applicable to specific services, if the user’s account registered on the “ortingsa” website is not actually used in any continuous 90 days, “ortingsa” has the right to delete the account and stop providing relevant services for the user.


(3) The user understands that any equipment (such as computer and mobile phone) used and any fees paid (such as taxes, Internet access fees and mobile phone fees) for using the services provided by “ortingsa” shall be borne by the user.


(4) If for any reason, “ortingsa” restricts the user’s use of network services or deletes the user’s account and the relevant contents and information in the account, “ortingsa” has the right to continue to use the relevant contents and information.