The official preview of the new civic type R will be released in 2022

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Recently, Honda officially released a group of preview diagrams of the new generation Honda Civic type R. at present, the new car is being tested at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. The new car is based on the new civic hatchback version and will be officially released in 2022.


In terms of appearance, as a high-performance version of the new civic hatchback, civic type R adds more aerodynamic kits, making the overall shape more aggressive. In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, the new car is equipped with a larger honeycomb air inlet grille, and ventilation holes are added on both sides of the grille. In addition, the new car uses blackened wheels and is equipped with Brembo red brake calipers and Michelin PS4 tires.


The official preview of the new civic type R will be released in 2022


In terms of the tail, the spoiler is installed on the C-pillar and does not adopt a particularly exaggerated modeling design, which is very matched with the temperament of the whole vehicle. The central three outlet exhaust layout is retained, but this time the diameter of the exhaust hole in the middle is larger, which is just opposite to the previous generation of exhaust modeling design. In other technical details, Honda has not disclosed too much information.


In terms of power, the new civic type R may be equipped with a 2.0T engine and is expected to be equipped with a hybrid system. The maximum power of the system may reach 294kW (400 HP), and will continue to provide 6-speed manual transmission for civic Si and civic type R.


Editor’s comments: with the “transformation” of the 11th generation Civic, the new civic type R has also become a lot of low-key in appearance, and will become the last pure gasoline engine model launched by Honda in Europe. The new civic Si will also land in the U.S. market at the same time. We don’t know whether these two models can be introduced into the domestic market.

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