Tesla Model 3 new modified version exposure power upgrade

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Recently, pictures of the new modified version of Tesla Model 3 were exposed. It was built by Manhart based on the Tesla Model 3 performance (high performance) model. It mainly upgraded the appearance and power system. The starting price is 74900 euros, which is nearly 20000 euros more expensive than the ordinary model.


Tesla Model 3 new modified version exposure power upgrade


A bee mesh decorative pattern is added on the front bumper of the new car, which is similar to the real air inlet grille. A group of red and Gray Striped flowers are also added to the hood, trunk and side sill. A special red decoration is also added on the outer rear-view mirror, forming a classic red black color matching with the black paint.


21 inch wheels are assembled at the bottom of the side, matching 235 / 30 R21 tires and H & R springs, which improves the handling of the vehicle to a certain extent. In addition, the new car also uses the carbon fiber accessories commonly used in super running and modified vehicles in the front lip.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with front and rear dual motors and four-wheel drive. The maximum output power can reach 405kw and the peak torque is 720n · m, far exceeding that of BMW M3 (375kw, 650n · m). At the same time, compared with the model 3 performance ordinary model, the power of the new car has also been greatly improved. As an electric vehicle, the mileage is also a key indicator, but the mileage of the new car has not been disclosed. It is speculated that the new car is likely to match the 82kw · h high-density lithium battery pack.

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