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Recently, it was learned that the configuration information of Audi A6L was exposed. In addition to adding the air quality index system in the whole series, other configuration upgrades are mainly reflected in the 3.0T model. In terms of price, the price of 2.0T model of the new A6L is expected to remain unchanged, and the price of 3.0T model may rise slightly.
Recently, BMW 2 Series coupe has been revealed in real-life pictures, the specific model of the new car is M240i xDrive, which has been released in the market in July this year. BMW M240i xDrive can be regarded as the sport version of BMW 2 Series, second only to BMW M2. The new car is expected to be the first to be delivered in overseas markets early next year, and may be introduced to other countries' markets in the future through imports. As a compact model, the BMW M240i xDrive has limited competitors in its class in the market, and the new AMG CLA 45 is considered one of them.
Recently, Tesla Model S Plaid play released its latest test results at the north ring circuit of Nurburgring, Germany, in which the time of a single lap (20.6km) reached 7:30.909, surpassing the Porsche taycan turbo running 7:42.3 at the circuit (20.6km) in 2019, and breaking the record of the fastest mass production of electric vehicles at the north ring circuit of Nurburgring.
Recently, the real photos of Honda's new generation Civic have been exposed, and the new car has taken the lead in listing in some markets. In terms of appearance, the new car adopts Honda's new family design, with smaller front grille area, more slender light groups on both sides, segmented bumper design, and the overall shape is close to the accord, returning to the traditional home style. But at the same time, the new car's blackened China open, two-color sports hub and duckling tail make the new car young and fashionable. The classic double "C" tail light at the rear of the car has been replaced with a new design, with higher overall recognition. In addition, the size of the new generation Civic has also been lengthened, and the wheelbase exceeds that of Volkswagen Sagitar at the same level.
Recently, the Mercedes-Benz A45 S AMG real-life pictures were revealed, and the new car has been officially launched, while the A-Class AMG model is also sold in other markets in the form of official imports.
The new A8 has a distinct sales strategy in China. The $1.3 million, long-axle version of the A8 L 55 TFSI Quattro Premium targets back-seat buyers, running on better quality V6 gasoline power, a 130mm longer wheelbase and many exclusive back-seat perks, all of which are designed to allow big bosses to make good use of the mobility process, or to relax and meditate, or to handle busy business.
Recently, the actual photos of Audi A6 sport 50 TFSI e Quattro model were exposed. At the same time, it can also be regarded as A6 sports model. The new car has been on sale in some national markets.
Recently, Hyundai Sonata n-line the black was launched. It will be limited to 50 sets and will be on sale from now on. The guiding price is 35.68 million won. The appearance of the new car adopts a large number of black elements, and the details are dotted with red decoration. It can also be regarded as Sonata's "blackened version", which is more sporty than the ordinary Sonata n-line.
Recently, 2021 Mercedes Benz C-class C300 models took pictures in the store, and its new generation models have been officially sold in other markets. At present, 2021 C260 l sports xingyaozhen Tibetan version and C260 l sports 4matic are on sale in China.
Recently, Mercedes Benz A-class real photos revealed that the car is located in a compact car. At present, three models are on sale in China, and the official guidance price is RMB 2328-273800.
Recently, the actual photos of Honda civic hatchback have been exposed. Its hatchback and hatchback models have been sold in overseas markets, while the domestic market plans to go on sale on the 24th of this month.
Recently, Porsche released the official map of the new 911 Carrera GTS model. In addition to the common hardtop version, the new car will also provide a convertible version for consumers to choose from. The appearance of the new car continues the family design of the new 911. The body dimensions are 4533 / 1852 / 1303mm (manual transmission), which is consistent with the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS. According to the official website of Porsche, the starting price of the new car in the market is 140981 euros.
Recently, the official drawing of the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS model was released, and the new car will be available in cabriolet (convertible) version.