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Volkswagen Golf GTI has been the spokesman of small steel gun for many years. It has a long history of 45 years since it came out in 1976. In China, Golf GTI is also the first domestic small steel gun model. The latest 8th generation model will be officially listed at the Tianjin Auto Show opened on September 29. When the new car was on the market, network designer trubni89 found another way and designed a retro wide body Golf GTI. Let's have a look.
Recently, alpha Romeo officially released the official map of its Giulia / Stelvio 6C villa d'Este limited edition model. The new car is based on the ordinary version of Giulia / Stelvio, and adopts the same volcanic red metal paint as the legendary model alpha Romeo 6C in 1940 to show its unique style. In addition, the new car will also be optimized and upgraded in terms of interior configuration. It is reported that the new car will only be available in the Italian market.
Recently, Volkswagen launched a special version of tangge in the German local market. The new car is called t-rocconvertible R-line edition blue. It is only limited to 800 units in Germany, with a starting price of 42565 euros. The limited edition model is based on the ordinary t-roc disco version, and adopts the exclusive matte "Ravenna blue" paint to highlight the unique characteristics of the new car. The new car also adopts the design in the "R-line" package. The rearview mirror, grille and other parts are blackened, which has a strong visual impact.
Recently, the spy photos of Mercedes Benz's two door sports car test have been exposed. The new car may be named Mercedes AMG SL, which will be officially unveiled at the end of this year and officially listed next year. In the future, it will replace the existing AMG GT convertible model.
At present, Mercedes Benz C-class diesel model has been officially launched in the Spanish market. The starting price of the new car market is 45016 euros. It is expected that the delivery work will be started one after another before the end of this year.
Recently, the media photographed a group of test spy photos of modern Hyundai IONIQ 6. The new car is a new pure electric medium-sized sedan under Hyundai, which is built based on the modern e-gmp pure electric platform. Previously, it was reported that the appearance of the car will largely learn from the prophecy concept car released by Hyundai. We can have a general understanding through spy photos. It is reported that the new car is expected to be officially launched at the end of 2022, and it is not ruled out that the modern Hyundai IONIQ 6 N performance model will be launched.
On September 16, according to media reports, Elektron, an electric super running manufacturer, announced the news of quasar electric super running model in April this year. The maximum power output of the car is more than 2300 HP (1715kw), the acceleration time at 100 km / h is only 1.65 seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 280 miles per hour (450 km / h).
On September 16, BMW I4 M50 officially made its debut in the Asian Chinese market. The new car is the first pure electric product created by BMW M department. Netizens who pay attention to the BMW brand may have a certain understanding of the new car. The new car was released in March this year and landed at the Munich auto show not long ago.
The base Taycan with the larger battery traveled 280 miles in our 75-mph highway test, making it only the second EV to best its EPA range in C/D testing.
Recently, a group of spy photos of Zhiji L7 engineering vehicle test were obtained from the media. Williams advanced engineering, a Williams forward-looking engineering team with F1 technical background, is adjusting and testing the performance of Zhiji L7 at the mountain track at Milbrook test ground, UK.
According to media reports on September 15, Polestar plans to continue to promote the development of its UK testing facility in order to achieve the goal of building high-performance, environmentally sustainable models. In order to achieve these goals, Polestar will expand its existing team of 250 people to over 500 in the short term.
Recently, the spy photos of Ferrari convertible sports car were released. The new car is planned to appear in the "2022 Ferrari world finals" held from November 16 to 21 next year. The new car code named F80 is inspired by the legendary 330 P4 racing car.
Just a few months ago we told you about the NISMO Special Edition Nissan GT-R and most assumed that would be the last of the current iteration of the long-running performance flagship. But wait, we were wrong! Yet another limited-edition R35 GT-R was just announced, and the designers pulled out all the stops to not only maintain the car's stellar track performance but also pay homage to some well-known hero cars.