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On September 29, Asian time, according to media reports, the medium-term modified model of Lamborghini urus is in the process of research and development. According to the previously exposed spy photos of the test car, the new car has been adjusted in detail, but the specific details cannot be confirmed because it is covered with strong camouflage materials.
With the news of Acura's plans to resurrect the Integra, Acura is getting better at "selling out" to its fans and has recently released a teaser image of the rear of the Integra with the intention of whetting our appetite. From the information we received previously, the car is expected to be unveiled in spring 2022 and positioned as a compact car. It is worth mentioning that the Acura Integra and the recently released Guangqi Honda Integra model are not one car, so don't get confused.
A few days ago, we obtained official figures of Mercedes Maybach S-class edition 100 and Maybach GLS edition 100 models from the government. The car celebrates the centenary of the brand's first mass production car, so it is commemorated by special edition S-class and GLS. According to official information, the two cars are limited to 100 units.
Rolls Royce officially announced that it would issue a "historic announcement" on Wednesday (September 29) to introduce the future plan of electrification in detail, and reiterated the commitment of CEO Torsten Muller otvos that Rolls Royce would launch the first pure electric vehicle before 2030. This is another super luxury brand after Bentley, which is about to start the process of electrification.
It all fell into place on the 36 miles between Newtonmore and Spean Bridge. It was here, early one sunny morning on this quiet, flowing road through the Scottish Highlands, that the mclaren gt suddenly made sense.
Well, the fate of the Camaro is in doubt as it goes away after 2024, but, if the rumors are true, GM seems to be sending it off with a bang.
Citroen, the manufacturer of uniquely designed models, continues to shape the automotive world with the innovative cars it develops and to bring together the most ideal options with automobile enthusiasts. Offering models that will meet the needs, tastes and new trends of the era, Citroën introduced the design details of its new model C5 X, which makes a difference with its design lines.
Recently, Caterham, a British traditional sports car manufacturer, released the most entry-level version of its seven series - Caterham seven 170. The figure of 170 comes from the thrust weight ratio of 170 HP / T. the new car is also the lightest and smallest model of Caterham brand.
A few days ago, from the media obtained a set of Toyota GR 86 hunting version renderings. The appearance of the new car is based on the GR 86 design, the overall shape of the Shooting Brake model design ideas. At present, this set of renderings has not been approved by the Toyota Group, it is not certain whether the subsequent launch of this model.
Two weeks ago, McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo represented the team on the top podium in the Formula One World Championship in Italy, the first time in nine years that McLaren has won the championship. To celebrate this victory, McLaren has created a special edition of the McLaren 720S based on Daniel Ricciardo.
Recently, foreign media exposed the latest news of Chevrolet Camaro models. Chevrolet may launch the final version of Camaro in 2024, which may be named "Collector Edition", that is, the collection edition.
Porsche's development in the field of electrification in recent years is evident to all, and more and more products are equipped with electric drive systems, so have you ever wondered what a pure electric Porsche 911 would look like? A few days ago, an independent designer overseas drew a set of renderings of a purely electric version of the 911.
Bugatti has officially announced that the first eight Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ units have been produced and are awaiting delivery to customers at the company's headquarters in Molsheim, France.