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Its retractable hardtop can deploy in 11 seconds, and the Spider has all the weight-saving measures and aerodynamic elements from the coupe.
The stock Ferrari F12berlinetta is a handsome grand tourer. This one has received some extreme tuning that includes two huge turbos protruding out of the hood. The powertrain overhaul gives this Prancing Horse 1,500 horsepower (1,119 kilowatts).
McLaren Special Operations rolls out a 218-mph, 824-horsepower special for an audience of 15.
This artist dared to modify an automotive icon, and we're glad he had the courage. Some would argue the Miura is the most beautiful car Lamborghini has ever made, going as far as to say it's right up there with the Jaguar E-Type and the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.
The bespoke AM-RB001 Valkyrie became one of the most talked about cars in the world when Aston Martin and Red Bull announced it in Melbourne last year, and the hype hasn't faded in the intervening 18 months. We've now been given a detailed look at the road-legal version of the Valkyrie, complete with unbelievably intricate underbody aerodynamics and a stunning, pared-back interior.
After spending a couple of years teasing supercar enthusiasts with silhouettes, codenames and clips of it tearing up Silverstone, Aston Martin has finally unveiled a production version of its Valhalla mid-engine coupe. The 950-hp two-door hybrid features the most advanced V8 engine ever slotted into an Aston Martin, which forms part of a fearsome powertrain the automaker hopes will be capable of a sub six-and-a-half-minute lap times at Nürburgring.
The Italian carmaker swaps engine displacement for battery power and a twin-turbo V6.
Designed for the desert, only 40 of these are being made by Marc Philipp Gemballa.
The child-sized replica of the McLaren GT is priced from £163, and is designed for kids aged between three and six
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