Mini electric modified model unveiled at Munich Auto Show

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2021 Munich auto show at the Munich auto show in Germany, which opened on September 6, the mini brand of BMW group exhibited the electric modified mini electric pacesetter model to show the design concept of sports electric vehicle. Inspired by John Cooper Works, the car is very sporty and avant-garde as a whole, with a feeling of “cyberpunk”.


Mini electric modified model unveiled at Munich Auto Show


Specifically, the appearance design of mini electric pacesetter is inspired by John Cooper Works and is specially built for the track. The designer of mini brand has also worked closely with BMW racing department to develop new styles of wheel arch and front and rear bumper, and formulated optimization schemes including weight reduction measures“ This design language with strong visual impact and accurate technology gives this model ubiquitous emotional investment and exciting feeling. ”


At the front of the vehicle, the vehicle has classic mini elements such as circular headlights and hexagonal air inlet grille. At the same time, the wheel arch adjusted according to the vehicle track, the protruding front bumper and the additional forward air ports on the left and right sides are the symbolic elements of John Cooper Works.


Because the electric drive system replaces the traditional internal combustion engine, the original engine compartment does not need high-intensity cooling. Therefore, the front face of the vehicle with basically closed shape achieves better aerodynamic effect.


From the side, the vehicle has prominent geometry, wheel arch with aerodynamic edge and sports side skirt, which makes the vehicle look dynamic. The racing checkered flag pattern and mini electric logo are distributed on the side of the body. At the same time, the body is also decorated with specific regulations and sponsor related icons. It is worth noting that its diffuser and roof spoiler are 3D printed from reusable carbon fiber materials at the Oxford factory. In addition, the car is also equipped with lightweight 18 inch forged rims designed in orange and black.


The interior of the vehicle adopts a minimalist design style, and only the front seats are reserved. The driving area is equipped with certified seats for track and road driving, six-point seat belts, and the steering wheel with carbon fiber shock absorber and digital instrument panel is designed with minimalism. In order to further reduce the vehicle weight, the central instrument panel of mini electric pacesetter is replaced by carbon fiber cover plate. At the same time, the shift lever, hand brake and necessary signal light control devices on the center console are also made of exposed carbon fiber material, and the door interior trim panel is also made of carbon fiber material. In addition, the inner door handle designed with fabric belt makes it more convenient to close the door.


Thanks to the expertise of BMW motorsport, the final body weight of the safety car is about 1230 kg, which is about 130 kg lighter than the standard Mini Cooper se. The power system is also optimized based on Mini Cooper se. The 100 km acceleration of mini electric pacesetter takes only 6.7 seconds and the 0-60 km / h acceleration takes only 3.6 seconds.

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