Mercedes Benz pushed a new customized brand, China blue car paint beauty cried

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Nowadays, personalized customization service has become a necessary skill for luxury brands. Mercedes Benz recently announced the official launch of its personalized Department manufaktur brand. Although Mercedes Benz has already launched the G Mercedes manufaktur plan for the G-class, providing some materials and color choices not available in conventional models, the manufaktur launched this time is a brand-new brand.


Now, Mercedes Benz CLS class, s class, Mercedes AMG GT 4-door sedan and Mercedes Maybach s class have opened the manufaktur plan to provide high customization of exclusive appearance, coating color, interior and even comfort configuration. In the future, sub brands such as Mercedes AMG, Mercedes EQ and Mercedes Maybach will provide manufaktur customized services. With the launch of manufaktur brand, Mercedes Benz will also stop providing the previous designo and other personalized services.


Mercedes Benz pushed a new customized brand, China blue car paint beauty cried


In terms of appearance, manufaktur plans to provide special paint surfaces, such as silk matte paint or bright metallic paint, or even non-metallic paint, reminiscent of Mercedes Benz’s classic cars. For example, manufaktur graphite gray can remind people of the classic 300SL Gullwing; Manufaktur graphic metallic (and olive metallic are memories of the 1980s; China blue reminds people of W123 E and w126 s from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.


In terms of interior decoration, manufaktur will provide customized combinations of various fabrics and colors. In addition, manufaktur also provides some special accessories. Of course, don’t forget the diamond diamond diamond pattern stitching on the seat or the same color cushion of the rear headrest, and the embroidery on it also has the Mercedes Benz logo. If it is an S-class, it can also be replaced with the double m logo of Mercedes Maybach. This one These are two examples. In fact, manufaktur can meet various customization needs of car owners.


In addition, manufaktur also provides a surround lighting system with animated projection, which can be seen when opening the door. It is worth mentioning that manufaktur also has a handmade two-color manufaktur leather steering wheel.


Editor’s comments: manufaktur is not a new product. The G-class first water test has achieved great success, which also makes Mercedes Benz determined to upgrade manufaktur to a new brand and open personalized customization services for more models. Please pay attention to the follow-up reports for more information about manufaktur.

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