GR supra’s iconic look is a tribute to Paul Walker

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Tom’s racing is one of Toyota’s imperial refitting plants. In order to commemorate the late film star Paul Walker, Tom’s racing and Japanese magazine Safari designed a special Toyota GR supra. The appearance of the car adopts the same body color as the A80 supra driven by Paul Walker in speed and passion 7.


What is the connection between this GR supra and Paul Walker? Just the same color? Not so. At the end of speed and passion 7, Paul Walker drives away slowly in a white A80 supra, which is Paul Walker’s own car.


GR supra's iconic look is a tribute to Paul Walker


In terms of appearance, the low-key front surround and personalized tail have greatly restored the shape of A80 supra in the speed 7-piece tail. The kW shock absorber reduces the ground clearance of the vehicle and makes the body posture more moving. The iconic BBS LM rim has not been dropped, injecting the last “soul” into the whole vehicle. In terms of interior decoration, although there are no pictures for reference, Tom’s racing said that it would carry out comprehensive leather wrapping and add carbon fiber decoration.


Tom’s racing has also upgraded the performance of the vehicle. With the support of Tom’s power box, the maximum power of 3.0T L6 turbocharged engine has been increased from 285kw (382 HP) to 313kW (420 HP).


Editor’s comments: in every film of speed and passion series, each car reflects the character’s characteristics and temperament to a certain extent. Does this Toyota GR supra jointly launched by Tom’s racing and safari restore the image of Brian O’Connor in your mind?

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