Too high value, reasonable layout and small surprises! Actual shooting of Junchi Dartong V90 caravan

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As we all know, the characteristics of B-type caravans are good passability and operability, but compared to C-type caravans, the space may be smaller, and the relative rest area will be less. But today we want to introduce you to a B-type RV, it not only has enough rest space, but also has a separate bathroom, let’s take a look.

Too high value, reasonable layout and small surprises! Actual shooting of Junchi Dartong V90 caravan

The one we are going to introduce to you today is this one, the Junchi Datsun V90B-type RV. First look at the appearance, we can see that this caravan overall looks very young color scheme, but also more eye-catching. Mainly white as the main color, with gold and gray pull decorations, the overall look very good ah! The front is the very recognizable front design of Datsun.


This Junchi Datsun V90 car length, width and height of 5940mm * 2110mm * 2535mm, 6m within the length of the car it to meet the needs of blue C license driving, 2.5m a little bit of car height has good passability, the overall body is relatively delicate and compact, with a stylish appearance, let people love.


The configuration of the side of the body is clear at a glance, the upper right side is a manual awning, very good when you need to park camping, can effectively increase the use of area. On the back side is an outdoor shower connection.


The left side of the body is not any more complicated configuration, is some water and electricity interface. The overall look is simple and generous.


Although it is a B-type caravan, the cockpit is not crowded and is quite spacious. The seats are designed for three people, but you can choose double seats. The overall sense of technology is still relatively adequate, multi-functional steering wheel with electronic central control screen, can meet the ESP, back-up camera, navigation, multimedia functions. The passenger seat can also be rotated and adjusted to form a pair of seats with the parlor seat.

Too high value, reasonable layout and small surprises! Actual shooting of Junchi Dartong V90 caravan

In terms of power configuration, this saloon is built from Datsun V90 chassis, equipped with a 2.0T diesel engine matched with a 6AT manual transmission, with a front-rear drive system, maximum power of 109KW and maximum torque of 375Nm, which is very powerful and meets the national six emission standards.


The rear of the cockpit is shown in the picture. First of all, there is a long storage space above the cockpit. The space in the living room area is still good and not small. Above the living room are two storage cabinets, so we can see that the storage space of this RV is still very adequate.


The seats in the living room area are wrapped in the same way as the seats in the cockpit, including the same color scheme. The dining table is a relatively thoughtful “little surprise” design, pushing the dining table outward, the middle is a tea table design, this is very rare, in some business meetings or take more tea-loving friends and family travel, very good, but also very surprised.


The kitchen area also performs very well, with a covered sink and two gas stoves next to it, so you can cook two different dishes at the same time. The lower part is a very large horizontal storage cabinet, and then the lower part is also a storage cabinet, which can store a lot of items, and some quick food can also be stored here.


The upper right side is the control panel, the control panel is a LCD touch screen, very convenient. The lower side of the microwave oven and car refrigerator, the overall configuration is complete, and very easy to use. Large storage space can always bring us unexpected convenience.


The size of the bed in the rest area is 1.85m*1.2m, which can meet the resting needs of adults. And, when not in use, the upper bunk can be folded, allowing more flexibility in arranging the space inside the car. The lower bunk has good lighting and is also equipped with reading lights and USB ports, which also takes care of modern bedtime habits.

Too high value, reasonable layout and small surprises! Actual shooting of Junchi Dartong V90 caravan

The space in the separate bathroom is actually still very good, and can even be said to be more spacious. The floor is designed to separate wet from dry, and the overall bathroom is about the same size as a C-Type RV. The configuration is all there, ventilation fan, sink, shower, portable toilet and so on.


In terms of water and electricity configuration, this RV is equipped with 3000W inverter, 400Ah lithium battery, 110L water purification tank and 70L gray water tank, which is a very good configuration in the same class of RVs in terms of water and electricity configuration.


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