The new Ford Pro RV is available! The car is beautifully priced, and the 2.2T automatic can be driven by novices.

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Many people are fond of Ford’s chassis and always ask us in the background if there are any C-type motorhomes built on Ford’s chassis, indeed there are few Ford C-type motorhomes available on the market, but this time when we were shopping at the exhibition, we happened to find a new C-type motorhome built on Ford‘s new generation Transit pro chassis. Let’s see what’s unique about this Yunyun V348.

The new Ford Pro RV is available! The car is beautifully priced, and the 2.2T automatic can be driven by novices.

Based on the Ford New Generation Transit pro chassis from the front of the car can be distinguished from the Iveco chassis of the caravan, the horizontal network plus the two sides of the rather stylized headlights, looks more naive and stable, the overall length, width and height dimensions are 5990 * 2300 * 2990mm, although the whole car adopts a large forehead type of shape, but the height is actually less than 3 meters, which also enhances the road Passing rate, at the same time, the body length of less than 6 meters is also in line with the regulations of the blue plate.


The car’s cabin is distinguished from the front end by the use of a very textured gray color, and the exterior is also equipped with a wealth of living facilities, including awnings, external flaps, external kitchens, storage space and utility connections, etc., to facilitate cooking outside the car at ordinary times. In addition, the rear of the car also has a back-up radar and back-up camera to enhance the overall safety factor.


In terms of power, the saloon is equipped with a 2.2T diesel engine, matched with a 6AMT gearbox, with a maximum power of 103kW and a maximum torque of 355N-m, meeting the latest National 6 emission standards, and can be driven with a C license.

The new Ford Pro RV is available! The car is beautifully priced, and the 2.2T automatic can be driven by novices.

The interior of the cab looks a bit more sedan than the Iveco model, and the center console is also decorated with walnut wood, which is very exquisite, and also provides a multi-function steering wheel and a large color screen with cell phone connectivity and GPS navigation, which is convenient for the driver to control later.


The interior of the cabin is decorated in dark colors, the overall look is very stable, although the color is dark, but with a large number of ambient lights, so in the visual sense does not feel depressing.


The meeting area uses a very practical L-shaped sofa seat + lift dining table layout, which saves space and can accommodate more guests. When you need to rest at night, you can also splice the dining table and sofa into a sofa bed, which can also be used as a temporary rest area.


The upper door is also designed with a double-decker shoe cabinet, which is very practical. The wall panel above is the whole car’s utility control area, and this caravan also provides six-way monitoring, so you can observe the situation around the caravan at any time.


The kitchen counter behind the passenger door is quite spacious, providing not only an induction cooker and a stainless steel sink, but also an expandable small table on the side and a microwave oven set above, as well as multiple storage spaces, enough for cooking tools. At the back of the kitchen area is a 150L refrigerator, which is still large enough to meet the storage needs of the family.


The wet and dry bathroom is designed with a toilet, sink, showerhead, ventilation fan and vanity mirror, which can also meet the washing needs of travel.


The lounge area at the rear of the car is designed with a longitudinal single bed, measuring 1950*950mm, which can also accommodate an adult, with multiple storage hanging cabinets at the top, which can store the usual change of clothes, and is also relatively smooth and convenient to take.

The new Ford Pro RV is available! The car is beautifully priced, and the 2.2T automatic can be driven by novices.

In addition, a double front bed with the size of 2150*1400mm is provided in the large frontal area. The frontal bed is surrounded by windows on three sides, with very good permeability, and there is also a 32-inch LCD TV under the bed board to meet the usual entertainment needs.


In the circuit, this caravan is equipped with a 3000W inverter, providing 12V 100Ah lead-acid battery, if there is more power demand later, it can also be equipped with optional 400Ah or 800Ah lithium iron phosphate battery or add solar panels; the water circuit provides a 200L net water tank and 60L gray water tank, which can also meet the basic travel water and electricity demand.

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