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Having a small, maneuverable camper with the amenities of a large motorhome is something every RV lifer can appreciate. Such vehicles certainly exist, but there are usually compromises. We won't say this decked-out camper from German-based Ahorn Camp is compromise-free, but it does pack some impressive features for a camper of its size. And yes, that includes a full bathroom with an internal shower.
Swift Swift was founded in 1964, as the UK's largest trailer caravan company, has now formed its own unique style. Today we are introducing its Sprite Major 4 SB series of trailer caravans. Compared with self-propelled caravans in the same price range, the Sprite Major 4 SB is undoubtedly more interesting in terms of space, configuration and comfort.
This car is based on the Iveco Olsheng national six chassis conversion, 5995mm long, 2270mm wide (the widest point up to 2420mm), 3150mm high. equipped with German imports of ZF 8AT automatic transmission, the cab is equipped with multi-function steering wheel, tire pressure monitoring, ABS anti-lock, ESP9.0 electronic stability system and other safety technology, the flagship configuration of the rear dual tires to ensure sufficient The flagship is equipped with dual rear tires to ensure sufficient load capacity.
Flowcamper based on the VW T6.1 MPV to create a new B-type caravan, or a compact and super passable camping caravan - Flowcamper Casper VW T6.1 Camper.
Many people are fond of Ford's chassis and always ask us in the background if there are any C-type motorhomes built on Ford's chassis, indeed there are few Ford C-type motorhomes available on the market, but this time when we were shopping at the exhibition, we happened to find a new C-type motorhome built on Ford's new generation Transit pro chassis. Let's see what's unique about this Yunyun V348.
As we all know, the characteristics of B-type caravans are good passability and operability, but compared to C-type caravans, the space may be smaller, and the relative rest area will be less. But today we want to introduce you to a B-type RV, it not only has enough rest space, but also has a separate bathroom, let's take a look.
Pottery Barn decorates the cabin with its bedding, curtains, and finishes.
Last year, Living Vehicle introduced its latest trailer that opened up several possibilities and luxuries of living life outdoors. More importantly, the camper trailer comes with an off-road package that comes standard with an onboard power system that's powerful enough to charge an EV.
The Ford Transit Connect is compact by the American standards of commercial vans, so there's something beautiful about using the tiny amount of space to create a very stylish, little camper. The video offers a complete tour of the rig.
Bunk beds are a great way to use vertical space efficiently, and this homebuilt camper van maximizes the interior volume by stacking three beds on top of each other. Just be careful not to jolt awake at night and hit your head. If this is your style, the van is currently for sale in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for $65,000.
It's called the Mode LT and it's the most affordable of the brand's camper range. Storyteller Overland is known for its Mercedes Sprinter-based motorhomes. Last year, it launched a refreshed lineup of Mode camper vans called the Beast, Stealth, and Classic, which basically laid down options for off-road-capable-motorhome buyers in the US.
RVs often come with unimaginative designs that make them look like a brick rolling down a highway. This weird RV for sale on Facebook Marketplace was built to a different strategy in mind. The Vixen 21 TD is a streamlined home away from home that you can park in your garage.
There's no question that camper vans and RV vacations are hot items right now, especially as the northern hemisphere moves through the summer months.
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