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Tom's racing is one of Toyota's imperial refitting plants. In order to commemorate the late film star Paul Walker, Tom's racing and Japanese magazine Safari designed a special Toyota GR supra. The appearance of the car adopts the same body color as the A80 supra driven by Paul Walker in speed and passion 7.
As we all know, the Audi RS 5 coupe has quite good performance, so once you sit in the driving position of the Audi RS 5 coupe, your adrenaline will soar unconsciously. As a high-performance car, the competitors of Audi RS 5 coupe include BMW M4, Mercedes AMG C63, etc. However, the design of the previous generation RS 5 is quite low-key, and some owners also modify it by themselves to make it more personalized and have a higher return rate.
Recently, a foreign Refitting Factory launched a new refitted version of Mercedes AMG g63. The new car uses Brabus refitting kit, and the system has been upgraded to increase its maximum output power from 430kw to 522kw. The price of such a heavily modified car will not be cheap. It is reported that its retail price range is expected to be $550000-600000.
Recently, pictures of the new modified version of Tesla Model 3 were exposed. It was built by Manhart based on the Tesla Model 3 performance (high performance) model. It mainly upgraded the appearance and power system. The starting price is 74900 euros, which is nearly 20000 euros more expensive than the ordinary model.
2021 Munich auto show] at the Munich auto show in Germany, which opened on September 6, the mini brand of BMW group exhibited the electric modified mini electric pacesetter model to show the design concept of sports electric vehicle. Inspired by John Cooper Works, the car is very sporty and avant-garde as a whole, with a feeling of "cyberpunk".
After focusing on the development of Duke Series and adv models in the past few years, after nearly seven years, the small displacement imitation racing model KTM rc125 / 200 / 390, which is famous for its KTM characteristic appearance design and lightweight body, has finally ushered in a major change: absorbing and transforming the experience of competing in various competitions in the past few years, especially MotoGP. With an unquestionable determination to comprehensively innovate RC 125 / 200 / 390, let's see what changes KTM with the motto of "ready to race" has brought to the RC Street steel gun family.
Recently, the real photos of Audi's new modified q2l family have been exposed. The new car has launched four models. The new car will compete positively with Mercedes Benz GLA, BMW x2 and other models in the market.
Recently, it was learned that topcar design, a Russian refitter, has launched a new refitting scheme for the new 911 Turbo S of Porsche. The scheme is called stinger GTR limited carbon fiber version, with a limited sale of 13 sets. It is reported that the Refitting Factory upgraded the whole body parts of the car to carbon fiber, which led to the price of the refitting scheme. It would cost US $117365 to upgrade the parts alone. After adding forged wheels, titanium alloy exhaust and painting, the price of the whole scheme soared to US $161982.
At present, the geniseth mysterious preview map has been released. The two lines in the picture are designed in a penetrating manner from left to right. The media speculate that the rendering map may be a reference to its split headlamp group lighting equipment, and it is planned to be officially announced at the press conference opening on September 1. At the same time, Guinness Seth has also launched gv60 pure electric sedan SUV, modified G70 and g80 pure electric models this year, and the new generation of G90 models will be officially unveiled at the press conference to be opened before the end of this year or next year, and two lines may also indicate that G90 models will be upgraded to the new double through tail lamp group.
Recently, the spy photos of Ford's modified fox st test car have been exposed. The new car is expected to be listed and sold overseas next year. After listing, it will compete for Golf GTI, Hyundai i30n, renomerigana RS and other models. Fox st is a model with strong neutral performance in Fox family, and can be regarded as fox performance version.
According to overseas media reports, Chevrolet Camaro will launch a new configuration. Some models will be added with the 1le track performance kit, which includes new aerodynamic components, 19 inch forged aluminum alloy wheels and high-performance suspension with dssv shock absorbers. The 2022 Chevrolet sedan with the new kit starts at $26195 and the convertible starts at $32695.
Recently, it was learned that revozport, a British refitter, designed two new body appearance kits for Porsche taycan. These two kits are called revuzione and gt-z respectively. Gt-z is more radical than revuzione's appearance, but they can share most parts. It is reported that the gt-z kit starts at $15000, while the revoluzione starts at $12000.
I'm sure you still have fresh memories of the R18 B and R18 transcontinental released by BMW at the end of last month. The two cars mainly focus on the market of bagger and touring. However, the Renard speed shop Refitting Factory from Estonia did not let R18 specialize in the past, and recently released the refitted car based on r1250r, The exquisite and excellent design also integrates the concept of double kidney water tank shield of the car, showing the unique taste of car making.
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