The official picture of the world’s 2000 BMW I3 limited edition was exposed

ortingsa Date:2021-09-29 15:33:14
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Although BMW I3 announced to stop production in July this year, BMW recently launched the BMW I3 unique forever edition of BMW I3 special edition, which adopts special paint colors and interior materials. It is reported that the car will be limited to 2000 vehicles worldwide.


The body of BMW I3 unique forever edition adopts a unique painting process to create two painting colors: arenaceous red metal color and cold gray metal color. The latter is decorated with brass decorative parts at the front middle net and front bumper, body and rear to show its unique personality.


The official picture of the world's 2000 BMW I3 limited edition was exposed


In the car, vernasca dark truffle leather and coffee imitation oak door panel are used to highlight the noble temperament. The left and right rear-view mirror areas and seat headrests in the car are initially marked with “one of 2000” and “unique forever”, which further proves their identity of limited edition.


It is reported that this limited edition model will also be produced in Leipzig factory. As a pioneering model of BMW I brand, BMW I3 has stopped production, but its contribution to BMW is self-evident. The inspiration of the new unique forever edition comes from the unique and advanced features created by BMW I3 for pure electric travel, such as efforts and breakthroughs in drive system, battery and interior materials.

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