Suzuki new sports station wagon gsx-s1000gt: Overview

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On September 22, Suzuki released the new sports station wagon 2022 Suzuki gsx-s1000gt to the European and American markets.


The car is tentatively scheduled to be put on shelves in many places in October. At present, the manufacturer has not disclosed the price of the new car. Refer to the prediction of some foreign media, the official price of the new 2022 ‘gsx-s1000gt in the U.S. market is estimated to be less than $14000. The official price of Suzuki’s flagship sports station wagon 2020 ‘gsx-s1000f, which is currently on sale locally, is $11599.


Suzuki new sports station wagon gsx-s1000gt: Overview


The new gsx-s1000gt is equipped with a water-cooled four stroke in-line four cylinder engine, the cylinder diameter and stroke are maintained at 73.4 mm x 59 mm, the exhaust volume is 998.6 CC, and the maximum power output is maintained at 112 kW (about 152, European version. The maximum power output of the street car version of gsx-s1000 is 150), which meets the Euro 5 emission standard. This pair of power units belongs to the same platform as the new generation sports streetcar gsx-s1000 released in April this year. They are modified based on the super sports car gsx-r1000 of K6 Version (2006).


In terms of car body, a frame with aluminum alloy double wing beam structure is adopted. After the newly designed appearance, the front fairing and headlights are full of modern feeling, and there is a larger and more comfortable tail design than the street car version gsx-s1000. In other aspects, KYB suspension system, Brembo front braking system, TFT LCD instrument panel that can be connected with myspin mobile phone software, all LED lighting system, etc. are adopted.


In terms of electronic control system, the new car is equipped with s.i.r.s (Suzuki intelligent ride system) as standard. The system integrates multiple subsystems such as SDMs optional power take-off mode, STCs traction control, cruise control and low RPM assist system to provide various assistance for driving.


In addition to the standard models, the manufacturer synchronously launched gsx-s1000gt, including side box, fuel tank bag, red front caliper, carbon fiber engine side cover, fuel tank anti scratch sticker, etc., and a large number of optional accessories / supplies before leaving the factory. Facing the U.S. market, Suzuki directly launched the gsx-s1000gt + with standard components such as rear side box and front windshield.


The current gsx-s1000 sports streetcar / gsx-s1000f sports station wagon platform was first released in 2014 and listed the following year.

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