Rolls Royce Yao Ying modified version is called “softkit”

ortingsa Date:2021-09-24 16:56:12
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Recently, mansory, a famous refitting company, launched refitting parts for Rolls Royce automobile products, known as “Rolls Royce softkit“, which is applicable to Rolls Royce. The new retrofit kit contains a large number of black appearance accessories and some carbon fiber decoration, and the powertrain has been upgraded.


Rolls Royce Yao Ying modified version is called "softkit"


The new car is equipped with an engine cover made of light carbon fiber. The lattice pattern on it is quite exquisite. The “celebration goddess” in the front is also painted in black with full sports flavor to further enhance the visual impact of the front face. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a brand-new multi spoke hub. At the same time, black elements and carbon fiber materials are used at the A-pillar, body surround and rear spoiler.


The interior of the new car adopts the color matching method of black + brown + silver, which has a clear sense of hierarchy, and the heavy consumption also has a strong luxurious atmosphere. The new car is equipped with multi-functional steering wheel, combined instrument and embedded central control screen. Silver trim improves the interior refinement.


In terms of power, the new car can be equipped with a 6.6t twin turbocharged V12 engine. After ECU upgrade, the maximum output power can reach 544kw, the peak torque can reach 1000N · m, and the power parameters are significantly improved compared with the ordinary version.

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