Lamborghini urus mid-term modification exposure

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On September 29, Asian time, according to media reports, the medium-term modified model of Lamborghini urus  is in the process of research and development. According to the previously exposed spy photos of the test car, the new car has been adjusted in detail, but the specific details cannot be confirmed because it is covered with strong camouflage materials.


However, a blogger shared several test pictures of urus Evo. From urus Evo, you can also see some changes in the new Lamborghini urus. The first is the front part. The air inlet grille of the whole front face adopts a new design method, including more concise lines on the outside of the bumper, making the whole front face more harmonious and unified.


Lamborghini urus mid-term modification exposure


Although it is only a medium-term modified model, the change of the rear part is more obvious. The new design of the rear bumper has changed the exhaust design.


The blogger also took pictures of cash urus and urus Evo speeding up. According to the blogger’s description, it was impossible to determine whether the sound waves emitted by the two vehicles were similar. Urus Evo’s voice sounded a little hoarse.


It is understood that the new car will be improved in the vehicle configuration and vehicle machine, while the power part will be consistent with the current model.


Editor’s comments: it can be seen from the latest spy photos of Lamborghini urus Evo that the medium-term modified models have shown full sincerity. I believe consumers can be satisfied with the changes and upgrades in the appearance and interior of the new car. At the same time, it also makes the future of Lamborghini urus series full of unknowns. In the next model year, the models of this series may have greater changes.

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