Kawasaki 2022 Z900 Japan release date confirmation

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Following the high-level Kawasaki Z900 se equipped with Brembo braking system and Ohlins rear shock absorber, Kawasaki recently announced that it would add a new color to the street car Z900 equipped with parallel four cylinder engine and launch it as 2022. The sales date in Japan is November 26, 2021, and the proposed price in Japan is 1.411 million yen.


Kawasaki released a higher-level version of the Z900 equipped with Brembo braking system and Ohlins rear shock absorber in Europe


Kawasaki 2022 Z900 Japan release date confirmation


Z900 is a sports streetcar equipped with rich electronic control system. It adopts a water-cooled four stroke parallel four cylinder engine with an exhaust capacity of 948cc. It is carried in the shape of the vehicle designed by “sugomi”. The body is composed of lightweight frame, inverted front fork, horizontal multi connecting rod middle rear shock avoidance and other hardware.


In addition to the bright hardware specifications, the Z900 is also equipped with adjustable riding mode, Kawasaki tracking control system (ktrc) and adjustable power mode. At the same time, it is also equipped with TFT full-color LCD screen, LED headlights and other electronic equipment that can be connected with the rideology app. It is a super street car integrating performance and rich electronic control.


In 2022, the Z900 has launched three types of coating, namely pearl robotic white / metallic matte graphene gray (Pearl mechanical white / metal matte graphene gray), the current candy Lime Green / metallic spark black, metallic spark Black / metallic flat spark black, and the recommended price in Japan is 1141000 yen.

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