Is the new Mercedes Benz C63 travel version exposed to 2.0T stronger than V8?

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Mercedes Benz released a new generation of C-class car and travel version as early as February. Now the pressure comes to Mercedes AMG. Previously, we have exposed the prototype of C63 sedan, and now the spy photos of C63 estate travel version have also appeared on the network.


From the spy photos exposed, the new Mercedes AMG C63 travel prototype still carries a heavy camouflage, but some new design ideas can still be seen, including wide body kit, huge air inlet of front bumper, rear spoiler and square exhaust.


In terms of power, it can be confirmed that the new Mercedes AMG C63 will not continue to use the cash 4.0L twin turbocharged V8 engine, but is equipped with the 2.0T in-line four cylinder engine carried by the new generation of Mercedes AMG compact car, but the output power is greater than the previous maximum of 310Kw (416 HP), At the same time, it will also borrow hybrid technology from F1 formula one and the upcoming Mercedes AMG one super run.


Is the new Mercedes Benz C63 travel version exposed to 2.0T stronger than V8?


The use of electric auxiliary turbine will continue to squeeze the potential of this 2.0T engine to increase the power to 325kw (442 HP). With the support of the light mixing system, the 2.0T engine will integrate a motor to provide auxiliary power and be used as the starting motor. In addition, the 201 HP motor of the rear axle is used together with the 2-speed gearbox to finally achieve the maximum output power of 472kw (643 HP). It is said that 472kw (643 HP) may be left to the C63 s, while the conventional C63 power is about 404kw (550 HP), which is much higher than the 379kw (503 HP) of the current C63 s.


Due to the complex hybrid system, the new Mercedes AMG C63 is expected to increase the weight by about 250kg, and the final kerb mass will reach nearly 2000kg. The advantage is that the battery system can provide an ideal 50:50 counterweight. After all, compared with the cash C63, the use of small displacement engine reduces the weight of the front axle.


Finally, the new Mercedes AMG C63 will be equipped with traditional elements such as 9-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive system, adaptive suspension and drift mode. In terms of performance, the 0-100km / h acceleration time of the new car should be completed in 3.5 seconds, about half a second faster than the current model, and can reach the maximum speed of 292km / h.


Editor’s comments: according to the time calculation, the new Mercedes AMG C63 will be released at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. It is worth mentioning that C43 may eventually be renamed C53. For more information about Mercedes AMG C63, please pay attention to the follow-up reports.

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