Honda’s new civic hatchback was launched on September 24

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Recently, the actual photos of Honda civic hatchback have been exposed. Its hatchback and hatchback models have been sold in overseas markets, while the domestic market plans to go on sale on the 24th of this month.


Honda's new civic hatchback was launched on September 24


The front face of Honda’s new civic hatchback version provides a split blackened multi banner air inlet grille, and new LED headlamp groups are provided on both sides. The side of the car body is equipped with blackened multi spoke aluminum alloy wheels, and the C-pillar is a sliding back shape design. The rear of the car adopts the double-sided single output exhaust layout, and the through LED tail lamp group is upgraded above the tailgate.


Honda’s new civic hatchback interior is equipped with a three spoke multifunctional steering wheel, a full LCD instrument and a suspended LCD central control screen, and a through air conditioning outlet is provided below. At the same time, domestic models will also provide vehicle stability control system, anti sideslip function and other configurations.


It is reported that all domestic models will be equipped with 1.5T low / high-power engine. The maximum power of the high-power version is 134kw. The transmission system is expected to match the CVT gearbox, and its maximum power has exceeded the domestic Audi A3 model (110KW).

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