Genesys MPV rendering exposure focuses on the high-end market

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A few days ago, foreign media exposed a group of rendering drawings of the new MPV model of Genesys. It can be seen that the new car adopts the classic design language of the brand. In the future, it will face the high-end MPV market. The competitors may be in the two models of Mercedes Benz V-Class and Buick GL8 iveya.


From the rendering of this exposure, the new car adopts the classic family design language, and the parallel headlamp group is integrated with the mesh air inlet grille, which is highly recognizable. At the same time, it can be seen from the rendering that the new car will adopt the design of bilateral side sliding doors, and the roof is also equipped with a black luggage rack.


Genesys MPV rendering exposure focuses on the high-end market


The tail of the new car is relatively simple, using the popular through tail lamp group, and below is the brand logo of Genesis. In addition, the new car also adopts a bilateral exhaust layout with two outlets.


Although the interior information is not disclosed this time, we can make a prediction on the interior of the new car according to other models of the current Guinness Seth brand. The interior of the new car is expected to adopt an encircling design, equipped with a three spoke steering wheel and a suspended central control screen, and the new car is also expected to provide richer configurations.


Editor’s comments: the high-end car brand Guinness Seth from South Korea has been moving continuously in the past two years, and the product line has been slowly rolled out, which is quite bold when Lexus entered the North American market. If this MPV model can be introduced to the market in the short term, it is bound to bring a new wave of luxury MPV.

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