DS 3 Crossback special edition will be available on September 29

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Recently, we learned from DS officials that its DS 3 ines de la FRESSANGE limited edition model will be officially launched on September 29. As a special model of DS 3, the new car has re matched the appearance, interior and other parts, so that the new station shows the unique charm of French romance.


In terms of appearance, the new car uses a unique ink blue paint as the main color, with red outer rear mirror shell and red rim Center logo as embellishment. In addition, the new car also uses two-color paint, and the upper part of the body is black paint, which shows the fashion personality as a whole.


DS 3 Crossback special edition will be available on September 29


On the side of the car body, the new car adopts a hidden door handle design and is sprayed with chrome decoration. The concave design under the door is combined with the exclusive nameplate of “ines de la fressange Paris” on a blue background to further highlight the uniqueness of the new car. In addition, the wheel rim also adopts a multi spoke two-color design to further increase the artistic flavor of the car.


At the rear of the car, the new car is equipped with a small roof spoiler, high-level brake lights and rear wipers. The tail lamps on both sides adopt a long and narrow shape design and are connected by a penetrating chrome plated decorative strip to form a penetrating shape. The blue nameplate of ines de la fressange is also marked on the right side of the rear to improve the recognition of new vehicles. In addition, the rear surround of the new car adopts a two-color design and is matched with a two-sided exhaust layout. The tail throat shape is very dynamic.


In the interior part, the new car adopts a full LCD instrument panel with a three spoke multi-functional steering wheel, the central control multimedia display adopts a suspended design, and the center of the central console uses the unique diamond style of DS, which combines the function control keys and the air outlet of the air conditioner, with a very gorgeous shape. The new car also adopts an electronic shift mechanism and is equipped with water chestnut clear central control buttons. The overall details make the new car full of French art.


In terms of power, the DS 3 Crossback e-tension ines special edition is equipped with the same power configuration as the listed cash models, adopts a front drive motor with a maximum power of 163 HP, and the NEDC has a range of 360km.


Ines de la fressange Paris is a fashion brand of the same name founded by ines de la fressange, a former royal model of Chanel. Its brand is positioned as a luxury brand with medium price, and has developed many product lines such as ready-made clothes, leather goods, shoes and shoes. At present, ines de la frenssange Paris has many physical and online multi brand retailers in France, and has opened more than a dozen stores in Paris, Japan, Germany and other places.

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