Acura Integra’s latest teaser image

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With the news of Acura’s plans to resurrect the Integra, Acura is getting better at “selling out” to its fans and has recently released a teaser image of the rear of the Integra with the intention of whetting our appetite. From the information we received previously, the car is expected to be unveiled in spring 2022 and positioned as a compact car. It is worth mentioning that the Acura Integra and the recently released Guangqi Honda Integra model are not one car, so don’t get confused.


Acura Integra's latest teaser image


From the pictures, the Acura logo on the rear and the Integra letters further prove the car’s identity. The new car will also use the sliding back design, and with a small lip spoiler, the overall smooth tail shape to create a very dynamic effect. The design of the taillights can be said to be the finishing touch, LED taillights and headlights echo, further enhancing the car’s recognition.


At present, information about the car’s interior, configuration, power and other information is still under wraps, but there is news that the new car will share a platform with the Civic to build. More news about the new car, we will continue to pay attention.

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