The new Odyssey is exposed, the new front face, body lengthening, can spell GL8?

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In the mpv segment of the joint venture brand models, Buick GL8 position is still difficult to shake, in July, the American MPV sold a total of 14,625 units, is the only broken 10,000 joint venture models, and Honda Odyssey although only sold 4,648 units, but is indeed the second best-selling joint venture models after Buick GL8. The generation of Odyssey currently on sale has been on the market for a full seven years, the last time for a facelift or 3 years ago. The new Odyssey is also listed in the recent Ministry of Public Works declaration list, and this car may be officially unveiled in the year.

The new Odyssey is exposed, the new front face, body lengthening, can spell GL8?

In the exterior shape, the new Honda Odyssey front part of the change is still very obvious. The front grille is decorated with a number of straight trim strips, and the wide silver trim plate on the upper side runs through the logo and connects closely with the two ends of the headlights, with a strong sense of hierarchy and integrity. The lower side of the front has also been redesigned with a more intense black design, which has significantly improved the sense of movement and visually enhanced the visual width of the front.


The contour of the body part is basically the same as the current Odyssey, the front and rear windows and the outer side of the small window have been smoked, and the lines of the body are very smooth. In terms of body data, the length, width and height of the new Honda Odyssey are 4861/1820/1712mm, with a wheelbase of 2900mm. compared to the current model on sale (except for the entry version), the car length has increased by 14mm, other data remains unchanged.


In the rear, the new Honda Odyssey is also very obvious changes. The new rear design is more concise, with silver trim running through both ends of the irregular tail light clusters. The e:HEV logo added to the right side of the rear shows that the car will still be powered by Honda’s hybrid technology.


The interior shape may remain the same, the Odyssey’s interior is very simple, the center screen uses a more eye-catching suspension design, narrow air conditioning vents are also more refined than the current model. In the seat layout, the new car is 2 + 2 + 3 seven-seat layout form.


In terms of power, the new Honda Odyssey will be equipped with a 2.0L engine + electric motor hybrid powertrain, matching the E-CVT continuously variable transmission, the specific power parameters have not been announced.


Overall, the new Honda Odyssey’s face value has been improved compared to the current model, the internal space is still spacious and comfortable, and the performance and fuel economy of its 2.0L iMMD hybrid powertrain is still worthy of favor. However, in the future MPV market, more competitive models will emerge, such as the Toyota Saina, which is also equipped with hybrid technology, and the Kia Kia, which has a full sense of interior space. Therefore, the new Honda Odyssey will face more intense challenges in the future after the market launch, and it is not clear whether the current market performance can continue.

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