Buick GL8 Land Rover upgraded Athena version, new modification kit gives people a bright look

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If there is a business car model that can move the hearts of mature men, it is definitely the Buick GL8 business car. The large size of the body, spacious interior space, sufficient horsepower, etc., can always give career and home-based people a sense of the sky and the earth only me. The car we are going to share with you today is the Buick GL8 653T ES LandZone Modified Athena, which not only has a stylish and atmospheric appearance but also has plenty of horsepower, 237 horsepower to beat the Mercedes-Benz Vito, which is a perfect interpretation of the advantages of a business car.

Buick GL8 Land Rover upgraded Athena version, new modification kit gives people a bright look

The Buick GL8 Athena has a distinctly different appearance from the traditional GL8. The Athena surround makes the front of the Buick GL8 even more dominant. The entire front face is extensively decorated with silver, which is very impactful. The sides are designed with two double waistlines, which are parallel to each other and can perfectly show the beauty of its lines. The rear, like the front, is still a square design, and the dual LED taillights are relatively abrupt and give the car a sense of power. In addition, the design of the rear surround echoes the front surround, so the whole rear gives us a strong three-dimensional effect. The taillights have a vertical structure. The overall momentum is not inferior to that of Toyota’s Elfa.


The new GL8 cabin interior basically remains the same, but only some storage space is slightly adjusted, the new version of the multimedia system supports cell phone connectivity, the original business sense of 220V power interface adjusted to USB charging port. Still 2 2 3 seating layout, but the third row of seats from 4/6 split down to a whole type of down, which can limit the flexible combination of trunk space, as a remedy, the third row of middle seats upgraded to three-point seat belt.


The elegant combination of emperor blue and light gray, exquisite leather covering, side panels embossed with a very delicate high-grade, functional configuration “crystal seat” with six adjustments, ventilation and heating and pneumatic massage, the base with a swivel function. All these are a lot of points for the VIP cabin, the ride experience and visual aesthetics harmonization. Especially worth mentioning is its “crystal armrest” a bit of BMW 7 series crystal gear feel.

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