2021 Mercedes-Benz V-Class mpv officially launched

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On September 28, we learned from the official that the 2021 Mercedes-Benz V-Class mpv was officially launched. The new car is based on the original V 260 Pilot Edition, V 260 Premium Edition and V 260 L Long Wheelbase Luxury Edition, with the addition of V 260 L Long Wheelbase Premium Edition to expand its family lineup to four models, with a certain degree of optimization and upgrade for the exterior design and many details.


The new model is basically the same as the current model in terms of appearance, and still offers different styles of front face, with double chrome trim on both sides of the front face on the Luxury model, and double “C” design on the Premium model. It is worth noting that the 2021 V 260 L Long Wheelbase Premium and Luxury models have a wheelbase of 3,430 mm and a large trunk space of 1,410 liters, providing consumers with more space needs.


2021 Mercedes-Benz V-Class mpv officially launched


The layout of the new interior is also basically unchanged, but is expected to be upgraded in terms of configuration, such as the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system, as well as a number of intelligent driving assistance functions. The interior light brown peacock wood grain trim with the same DINAMICA roof lining and Maroon ARTICO leather as the Maybach S-Class sedan, showing more personality.


In terms of power, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz V-Class MPV still adopts the power combination of 2.0T gasoline engine + 9AT, with a maximum engine power output of 155 kW and peak torque of 350 Nm. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with air suspension system.

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