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Recently, Nissan officially released the official map of townstar. The new car is built based on the cmf-c platform, and is available in fuel and pure electric models, as well as in cargo and passenger models. In addition, the new car will replace nv200 and e-nv200 models.
On September 28, we learned from the official that the 2021 Mercedes-Benz V-Class mpv was officially launched. The new car is based on the original V 260 Pilot Edition, V 260 Premium Edition and V 260 L Long Wheelbase Luxury Edition, with the addition of V 260 L Long Wheelbase Premium Edition to expand its family lineup to four models, with a certain degree of optimization and upgrade for the exterior design and many details.
A few days ago, foreign media exposed a group of rendering drawings of the new MPV model of Genesys. It can be seen that the new car adopts the classic design language of the brand. In the future, it will face the high-end MPV market. The competitors may be in the two models of Mercedes Benz V-Class and Buick GL8 iveya.
LARGE families on a tight budget are being promised a vehicle to meet their needs by increasingly popular car maker Dacia.
In today’s ever-evolving world, the name conventions of some familiar types of vehicles have recently changed. For BMW, they love to use the SAV acronym, for Sport Activity Vehicle, while SUV has always been familiar, but in the world of minivans we find Kia leading the charge with MPV, standing for multipurpose vehicle.
The online car market learned from the media that the Volkswagen automatic driving prototype was officially unveiled at the Munich auto show. ad version is equipped with the automatic driving technology developed by Argo AI, which is the latest and top automatic driving technology of Volkswagen so far, and is built based on the German MEB platform. The prototype vehicle has a large number of cameras, lidar and sensors. It is reported that this Volkswagen ID. buzz automatic driving prototype will be officially unveiled in mass production next year.
At present, Volkswagen T7 metway has officially appeared at the 2021 IAA Munich International Auto Show, and the new car is expected to take the lead in the market as soon as this year. At the same time, Volkswagen's new T7 metway is also the first 1.5T small displacement pure fuel model. In the future, it may continue to be introduced into the markets of various countries in the form of import. Its price range will also be significantly reduced compared with the original 2.0T model, and it is more cost-effective than Toyota's upcoming new Saina, Honda Odyssey, Buick GL8 and other MPV models.
Recently, we learned that wey brand will launch two high-end MPVS next year, code named M81 and M83, which will be positioned as medium-sized and medium-sized MPVS respectively. One of the models will be officially unveiled at Guangzhou auto show in November. Considering that the wey brand has a higher brand premium, medium and large MPVS will directly compete with Buick GL8 and other joint venture brand models after listing. However, the price is expected to be lower than Buick GL8, and the starting price is expected to be less than 200000 yuan.
Nissan will launch a new electric MPV through the World Electric Vehicle Day celebration on September 9 this year, it was learned recently. nissan released a short trailer of the new vehicle with a modern design, slim headlights and closed grille, while it has a relatively square shape, straight body lines and a very open interior space. According to foreign media predictions, the new car may be a new generation of e-NV200 models. In addition, Nissan will also launch a new Renault Kangoo, which was unveiled earlier this year as an all-electric MPV with a 44 kW-h battery pack and an electric motor with a maximum power of 75 kW and a peak torque of 245 N-m. It has a range of 265 km.
It has been learned that Beijing Hyundai Coustu will be officially listed on September 26. The new car launched two power versions of 1.5T/2.0T, a total of 6 configuration models. From the perspective of model allocation ratio, 1.5T and 2.0T medium models will be the kingpin version. The exterior of Cousteau adopts the latest design concept of the family, and the interior is also the latest design language of the family. It is equipped with 10.4 inches vertical central control screen, reversing image and so on.
In the just past 2021 Chengdu auto show, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has announced that the pre-sale price range of the new Jiahua is 288900-339900 yuan. Recently, we learned from the official of Dongfeng Yueda Kia that the domestic new Jiahua has successively arrived at the store. The car will be equipped with the power combination of 2.0T engine and 8-speed manual gearbox, and will be built based on Kia's third-generation i-gmp platform. As a medium and large MPV, its competitors will point to Buick GL8, Toyota Saina and other models. It is reported that the car will be on the market on September 13.
Recently, according to media reports, Volkswagen will launch a new pure electric MPV model, which is named The concept version of the car was revealed at the North American auto show in 2017. Recently, Volkswagen confirmed that the car will be mass produced and will be officially put on sale in the market next year.
Recently, Kia's new MPV spy photo was exposed. The new car has no official name temporarily. It is expected to officially appear next year and is expected to be officially released in the same year. According to the news disclosed by the media, the new car is positioned in the compact MPV, and the internal layout is still three rows and seven seats, which is lower than Jiahua.
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