Suzuki gsx-r1000r release Special Edition

ortingsa Date:2021-10-08 17:34:01
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Suzuki UK recently released gsx-r1000r phantom (phantom version), which costs 17499 pounds (ordinary version costs 16999 pounds)! In addition to its unique appearance, it is also equipped with Yoshimura R11 exhaust and some Suzuki official modifications!


Suzuki gsx-r1000r phantom, although it is a special specification, the price difference is kept to a minimum. The reason why gsx-r1000 launched the phantom version is actually to pay tribute to the phantom of the old model, because the “gsx-r1000k6 phantom” appeared in the UK in 2006.


Suzuki gsx-r1000r release Special Edition


The basic model gsx-r1000r is the champion machine of last year’s world Endurance Championship (EWC). It is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with 999cc displacement. It adopts the same variable valve timing system as the MotoGP champion machine gsx-rr, with a maximum output of 202 HP and three power modes.


The curve traction control system called “motion track” has 10 intervention levels. ABS also has curve function. In addition, it is also equipped with start control and two-way fast shifter.


Suzuki gsx-r1000r phantom adopts Yoshimura’s R11 silencer and heat shield, and is equipped with handle guard bow, fuel tank pad, fuel tank cover trim, etc.


In addition, the single seat fairing matches the color of the matte black body and is decorated with bright black decals. The golden wheel hub is also different from the ordinary version, and the outer tube of the inverted front fork is also golden.

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