Round light bullet, triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR will be released soon

ortingsa Date:2021-09-15 17:31:20
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Trimph Speed Triple 1200 RR, a new car equipped with a semi fairing, recently released a second trailer. From this trailer, trimph more directly and generously showed the front shape of speed triple1200 RR. The design of the semi fairing with round lights gives this motorcycle a more rich retro style.


Round light bullet, triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR will be released soon


At the beginning of this year, triumph just brought a new and greatly improved speed triple 1200 RS sports streetcar. The engine displacement was upgraded to 1160c. C., and the maximum horsepower came to about 180. In addition, the vehicle weight also decreased by 9 kg, the wet weight of the vehicle was 198 kg, and the overall horsepower weight ratio increased by 25%. It can be said that the combat power was greatly strengthened.


It can also be seen in the film that speedtriple’s headlights use the design of round lamp gamete elastic fairing. The headlights also have the triumph factory emblem, and the outer ring is dotted with semi encircling wing like daytime running lights; Suspension and brake calipers with similar specifications as rs can also be seen on the whole vehicle diagram. In addition, it is inferred from the appearance that the exhaust pipe may be equipped with arrow products.


The rear of the car also looks smoother than the RS version. According to the appearance exposure photos of the speed triple 1200 RR released by triumph, this semi faired sports motorcycle has a very different visual feeling from the RS version. It is believed that the vehicle weight and equipment should also be improved to meet the more enthusiastic competitive needs. Triumph also announced on the social website that the speed triple1200 RR will be published online on September 14, Don’t miss your favorite friends!

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