MV people friendly version brutale 1000 RS Street Fighter release

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The brutale 1000 RR with the smell of ferocious Street overlord is also on the updated list this year, but the high price of this street beast is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, MV Agusta has launched a slightly more people-friendly brutale 1000 RS, so that people who like this righteous beast can also have the power to move forward towards their dream car.


Fortunately, MV Agusta did not castrate the horsepower data of the vehicle because the brutale 1000 RS is a people-friendly version. The RS version and RR version also have four parallel cylinders of 998c. C., which can produce the maximum horsepower of 208hp @ 13000rpm and the maximum torque of 116.5nm @ 11000rpm; In addition, the brake caliper specification is the same as that of RR version.


MV people friendly version brutale 1000 RS Street Fighter release


The biggest difference between MV Agusta brutale 1000 RS and RR lies in the suspension. The RS version cancels the high-order Ö hlins EC TTX electronic front and rear suspension, and changes it to Marzocchi’s rebound and compression damping. The preload adjustable inverted front fork is equipped with the fully adjustable middle rear shock absorber of Sachs; In terms of electric control and instrument, brutale 1000 RS is also equipped with a 5.5-inch TFT full-color instrument, and has advanced electric control functions such as curve ABS, solitary wheel suppression, constant speed cruise and so on.


The body level of RS version is more convergent than that of RR version, but the overall line description is still very muscular, and even retains the design of small wing air force kit.


In the appearance design part, the RS version is obviously much lower key than the RR version, with a lot of fancy embellishments and designs. The grip part also uses a height setting closer to that of ordinary street cars. The rim style has also become a relatively simple six piece rim. The paint baking has also been changed to a single level of Rosso red and plain silver.


Finally, in addition to the differences in appearance and equipment between brutale 1000 RS and RR, the most interesting difference for consumers is the price of the two cars. Brutale 1000 RS offers a local price of 25500 euros in Europe. Although I think this price is not close to the people, it is really close to the people compared with the price after domestic trade import. If the domestic market is introduced, the price will at least double.

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