Husqvarna unveils new vehicles E-Pilen electric motorcycle Vektorr electric scooter debut

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Husqvarna’s Vektorr electric scooter and E-Pilen, an electric motorcycle, made their public debut at the IAA 2021 in India. Unlike conventional scooters, the Vektorr electric scooter is based on the Bajaj Chetak scooter sold in India, with body panels made of a fusion of flat geometries such as squares, rectangles, triangles and trapezoids.


The seat is flat and almost parallel to the floor, and the curved structure of the front surround is more individual. the Vektorr is presented in a two-tone theme of white and black, with bright yellow fluorescent yellow used on the sides and wheels to add a sporty element to the scooter. The vehicle is said to have a top speed of just 45km/h and a range of 95km on a full charge. Although specifications regarding power have not been revealed, the electric scooter is expected to use a 2-3kW motor.


Husqvarna unveils new vehicles E-Pilen electric motorcycle Vektorr electric scooter debuts


In addition to the electric scooter, there was also an E-Pilen electric motor on display, which is somewhat similar to Husqvarna’s Svartpilen and Vitpilen series. The cleverness of the E-Pilen design is that it uses the fuel tank location to store the battery.


The tank neatly houses three removable batteries that can be recharged at home or at a charging station, with the possibility of Husqvarna providing a battery exchange facility in the future. Powering it is an 8 kw (10.7 hp) motor driven by a chain, which is sufficient for urban commuting.


According to Husqvarna, the E-Pilen can travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. Although the top speed of the motorcycle has not been revealed, it is likely to be around 100-120 km/h.


The electric motorcycle is also equipped with inverted front forks and a mid-mounted rear shock, with front and rear disc brakes.

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