Ducati’s strongest road wagon multistada V4 Pikes Peak made its debut

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The Ducati multistada V4 Pikes Peak version will focus more on sports performance and engine performance, and will also become the most powerful model in the multistada family. Rumors about this car have also been spread for a long time. Recently, the real car photo of Ducati multistada V4 Pikes Peak was finally exposed.


Although Ducati has been tight lipped about the news of the new multistada V4 peaks version, foreign media photographed a test prototype of the multistada V4 peaks version on a track in northern Italy. The model can now be confirmed to be equipped with 17 inch alloy front and rear wheels and front and rear semi-active Ohlins suspension.


Ducati's strongest road wagon multistada V4 Pikes Peak made its debut


In terms of power, multistrada V4 Pikes Peak will continue to use GranTurismo V4 engine. However, it is expected that the final output data of this vehicle will be higher than that of the current multistrada v4.


In addition, multistrada V4 Pikes Peak is equipped with short stroke semi-active Ohlins front fork instead of skyhook Marzocchi on multistrada V4 s and V4 sport.


In terms of functionality, multistrada V4 Pikes Peak will still have the driving modes of standard multistrada V4 (sport, touring and urban), while enduro mode will be replaced by race mode focusing on competition. There are also many new driving AIDS, including traction control with tilt sensing and ABS, as well as two-way fast shifter and wheel control.


Although there is no information about the weight and chassis size of the new car, it is certain that the seat height of the multistrada V4 Pikes Peak version seems to be lower than that of the standard multistrada v4. The test vehicle is equipped with Pirelli SC1 slicks tires, which are more stable under strong braking.


Ducati has not announced any news about the new model, but foreign media believe that the car will be unveiled at the “Ducati world week” at the end of the year and officially launched in 2022.

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