Ducati motorcycle multistada V2 launched in North America

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Yesterday, Ducati motorcycle released multistrada V2, which is divided into two versions. The price of Ducati multistrada V2 is US $15295 and that of Ducati multistrada V2 s is US $17895.


Does this car look familiar to you, because the name of multistrada 950 has been changed and adjustments have been made in many aspects! For example, the weight is reduced, the ergonomic design is improved, and the engine is updated.


In terms of appearance, multistrada V2 is not much different from 950. In addition to changing the name, the main difference is the new hood and new seat.


Ducati motorcycle multistada V2 launched in North America


The ergonomic design of multistrada V2 is the main change of the new model, and the new seat cushion is narrower and more compact. Ducati motorcycle said that the new seat shape is more comfortable and provides better freedom of movement. In addition, V2 also adopts a new pedal inherited from multistrada V4, which provides more leg space and is more friendly to long legged knights.


The seat height of the standard version is 830mm, which is 10mm lower than the old version. The original factory provides two versions of 850mm and 810mm. At the same time, there is a low suspension option, which can further reduce the seat height to 790mm.


In terms of power, the 937cc testastretta 11 ° V two cylinder engine adopts a new connecting rod design, but the performance data are the same as the previous engine, with a maximum horsepower of 113hp (83kw) / 9000rpm and a maximum torque of 96Nm / 7750 RPM (European model 94nm). In addition, it is equipped with a new eight disc hydraulic clutch and an improved gearbox, The v2s version is equipped with a two-way quick shifter.


These changes reduce the weight of 4.98kg due to the update of the engine and the new rear-view mirrors and cast wheels from the multistrada v4. The curb weight of multistrada V2 is 221 kg and that of s version is 225 kg. The steel wire spoke wheel is available as an option, and Ducati motorcycle also said that the new spoke wheel is lighter than the wheel provided on the previous 950.


The suspension is the same as that of the multistrada 950. The basic version is equipped with fully adjustable 48mm inverted fork and central rear shock absorption. The front brake of the s version is the same as that of the Standard Version, but the skyhook suspension Evo semi-active suspension system is adopted.


The brakes also remain unchanged. Brembo single four piston caliper and 320mm double brake disc installed in the front double radial direction, and 265mm single brake disc installed in the rear double piston caliper.


Both standard and s versions of multistrada V2 are equipped with curve ABS, traction control, optional driving mode and hill keeping system.


The multistrada V2 s adds cruise control, full LED headlights with curve function, 5-inch TFT full-color instrument and backlit handlebar keys.


In order to better distinguish the two versions of multistrada V2 in appearance, in addition to different model marks on the side of the body, the standard version of V2 is only available in red and equipped with black wheels.


The red of multistrada V2 s is matched with the black rim, and the rim is decorated with red GP, while the black directly adopts the red rim.

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