2022 KTM RC 125 / 200 / 390 synchronous modification: comprehensive internal and external upgrading

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After focusing on the development of Duke Series and adv models in the past few years, after nearly seven years, the small displacement imitation racing model KTM rc125 / 200 / 390, which is famous for its KTM characteristic appearance design and lightweight body, has finally ushered in a major change: absorbing and transforming the experience of competing in various competitions in the past few years, especially MotoGP. With an unquestionable determination to comprehensively innovate RC 125 / 200 / 390, let’s see what changes KTM with the motto of “ready to race” has brought to the RC Street steel gun family.


In order to comprehensively improve the combat effectiveness, KTM RC 390 has greatly borrowed from the big brother MotoGP factory car RC 16 in terms of appearance and mechanical technology, so as to achieve the performance performance that can be enjoyed by knights on the track and streets; RC 125 / 200 is based on RC 390, but uses smaller exhaust volume and body weight to enable users to enjoy the sensory stimulation brought by riding without sacrificing daily ease of use. It can be said that it is the best partner for entry-level knights to be able to write and fight.

2022 KTM RC 125 / 200 / 390 synchronous modification: comprehensive internal and external upgrading

KTM RC 390 has borrowed a lot from the big brother MotoGP car RC 16 in terms of appearance and mechanical technology.


Car body design with consideration of track and street


The most obvious difference between the new generation KTM RC family and the previous generation is the more sharp and concise body design. It is not only avant-garde, but also can improve the actual riding performance and rider comfort: firstly, the windshield takes the relevant simulation calculation of hydrodynamics as the design basis, which improves the extreme speed performance. At the same time, it also has better windproof and rainproof performance, and can cooperate with the inner and outer shell to divert the waste heat generated by the water-cooled exhaust, Reduce the discomfort caused by the heat; The car shell structure adopts the design with less screws and tenons, so that the time required for repair and maintenance is less, which also means that it can quickly switch between the original fairing and the race track shell; The body shape near the knee is also integrated with ergonomics, so that the rider can hang on the side with a smoother and natural rhythm during fierce transposition on the track, and it is easier to fix the body at the same time.


The new body design combines hydrodynamics and ergonomics, which not only makes the knight feel comfortable, but also adds points to the actual riding performance.


Coming to the rear of the car body, the rear of the new generation RC family also has extremely sharp and concise lines, so as to bring a stronger visual impression. However, even if the rear shape is so neat, in fact, the cushion foam is further thickened, so that the passengers in the back seat can enjoy a comfortable ride experience. The fuel tank capacity is 13.7 L, which is the result of KTM development team’s thinking about the balance between track riding counterweight and daily use.


The fuel tank capacity seems insignificant, but it is actually integrated into the careful consideration of the development team.


The thickened cushion makes daily riding more comfortable.


Signboard single cylinder powerful power


The 2022 RC family is the same as the previous generation. The mechanical structure of the engine adopts the configuration of water-cooled four stroke single cylinder and four valves, but it is a major change that has not been seen for a long time. In addition to the Euro 5 environmental protection standard that must be met, KTM will not miss the opportunity to comprehensively strengthen the internal and other power allocation!


First of all, the air inlet adopts the design thinking similar to the current brother RC 8C – the volume of the air inlet box is increased by 40% compared with the previous generation, so as to ensure that the throttle has a sensitive response at any time, and the acceleration efficiency in the full speed range is further improved. At the same time, sensors are updated and added in the intake box, which can more accurately grasp the air-fuel ratio and maximize the combustion efficiency under the cooperation operation with ECU. In addition to the new fuel supply program, the ECU is also equipped with an electronic throttle, so that the knight can operate the throttle more delicately. At the same time, it can also be equipped with KTM’s QuickShift + forward and backward fast exhaust system.


In terms of exhaust, 2022 KTM RC 125 / 390 will naturally update the exhaust system: the head section made of stainless steel and the tail section made of aluminum alloy will not only further limit the growth of vehicle weight, but also bring hot blood surging sound!


The head section made of stainless steel and the tail section made of aluminum alloy not only further limit the growth of vehicle weight, but also bring the surging sound of hot blood!


Finally, look inside the engine: KTM not only emphasizes that the new generation RC 125 / 200 / 390 is equipped with four valves, double camshafts and carbon coated cam rods, the piston made of aluminum alloy is also coated with nikasil to reduce friction, and the piston is cooled by spraying oil. The above-mentioned careful treatment is to enable the knight to feel the smooth power output at any time.


In addition to the body and suspension, the internal and external parts of the engine have also been significantly strengthened and updated.


4V + DOHC configuration and carbon coated cam rod not only improve power performance, but also prolong service life.


WP adjustable suspension equipped


As two suitable models for track and daily use, the suspension of RC 125 / 200 / 390 naturally can not be sloppy: its own WP apex 43mm inverted front fork, 390 also has 30 adjustable compression damping and rebound damping, while the rear shock absorber of 390 also has 5-stage preload and rebound damping, and adopts oil-gas separation design.


WP apex 43mm inverted front fork, 390 also has 30 adjustable compression damping and rebound damping.


The wheel frame is also in a new list: it is not only lighter, but also more rigid. The original wheel frame of the new KTM RC family is reduced by 3.4 kg compared with the previous generation, so as to greatly reduce the unsprung mass and comprehensively improve the handling performance. The original tire size of 110 / 70-17 on the front wheel and 150 / 60-17 on the rear wheel not only makes the image of the whole car more out of line, Better riding experience.


Of course, faster cars should also be able to slow down in time. Therefore, KTM has also replaced the RC car series with a new braking system: the front wheel adopts the radiation pair four calipers and 320mm single disc configuration produced by bybre, the rear wheel uses the single piston calipers and 230mm single disc configuration, and the brake and clutch pull rods are also adjustable. Compared with the previous generation, the brake system is 0.96kg lighter as a whole. At the same time, it is equipped with KTM’s new bending tool called “art” – Supermoto ABS as standard!


KTM Technology


As a “ready to race” performance car at any time, the electronic control related equipment can not be lost to other competitors on the track. Therefore, KTM also fills up the new technology in the new year RC family! Supermoto ABS mentioned earlier is one of the latest technological crystallization of KTM. In order to enable users to kill corners on the track at will, Supermoto ABS provides more functional options than ordinary curve ABS system: the first key function is to lock the rear wheels so that riders can slide into the curve at a very high speed like professional racing drivers; The second key function is to cancel the detection of rear wheel buoyancy, so that the knight can brake in a more direct and rough way. Unless the front wheel slides abnormally, he will intervene in time; The third is the basic curve ABS function, which can be turned off at any time.


The new KTM rc390 lists all the electronic control systems provided by the original factory as standard configuration. In addition to the above-mentioned Supermoto ABS, there are MTC tracking anti-skid system and quickshifter + forward and backward fast exhaust system, so that the knight can enjoy the strong kinetic energy of the vehicle without distractions under any circumstances.


At the same time, the lamps are also ingenious: KTM RC 125 / 200 / 390 not only changes the brand-new lamp shape, but also changes the lamps of the whole vehicle into LED bulbs, which not only makes the appearance of the whole vehicle more neat, but also ensures that it can have sufficient lighting capacity in any weather. RC family also synchronously changed into a full set of newly designed LED lamps.


Finally, we can’t forget the driving viewpoint with a full sense of combat: KTM rc125 / 390 is equipped with a large-size and newly designed TFT full-color LCD instrument, which is not only beautiful, but also can provide sufficient brightness and visibility. At the same time, it can connect with KTM my ride mobile app, so that users can play music and answer calls through the buttons on the car.

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