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On September 30, according to media reports, after launching 102ex and 103ex concept cars, Rolls Royce is now preparing to launch its first pure electric model - the new Rolls Royce spectre electric vehicle, which is planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023.
A few days ago, Mitsubishi Motor officially announced a group of preview drawings of the plug-in hybrid version of outlander. The overall shape of the new car is consistent with the new outlander fuel version, and 5-seat and 7-seat models are available. The biggest difference is that a set of plug-in hybrid power system is added. The system will be equipped with two drive motors at the rear wheels, and the pure electric endurance is expected to reach 100km. It is understood that the new car will take the lead in listing in Japan in March next year.
Mini’s product lineup is feeling a bit stale, but the brand is at an odd inflection point as consumers continue to choose crossovers and SUVs over sedans and coupes. That’s not great for Mini’s lineup of small vehicles, and the transition to electrified propulsion isn’t helping either – it does offer the all-electric SE. However, the company is preparing “Something Thrilling” for October, though we have no idea what it could be.
The UK is currently suffering from a drastic fuel shortage. A quick study surrounding the crisis has revealed that interest in electric cars within the region have increased by 300 per cent.
Rolls-Royce has announced that its latest product, the Rolls-Royce Spectre, will be a two-door coupe that is fully electric.The Spectre sits on the same Rolls Architecture of Luxury as the existing range.The automaker says it will be on sale by end of 2023—and that all Rolls-Royce vehicles will be electric by decade's end.
The Genesis brand is still trying to distinguish itself, in both the highly competitive luxury marketplace and from its own increasingly upscale cousins at Hyundai and Kia. Being a standout becomes doubly difficult when the car is an electric vehicle built atop a modular skateboard shared with the other Hyundai Group brands. However, in our first peek at the Genesis GV60, the top dog in Hyundai's trio of E-GMP cars, we found it imbued with an astounding level of differentiation.
We visited the Arizona facility where the new Tesla-fighting luxury electric sedan comes from, and so did an excited group of Air reservation holders. Customers will start getting the cars next month.
Recently, we learned from overseas media that polestar plans to launch three new models before 2024, namely the brand's first SUV model polestar3, two door sedan model polestar4 and polestar5.
Rolls Royce officially announced that it would issue a "historic announcement" on Wednesday (September 29) to introduce the future plan of electrification in detail, and reiterated the commitment of CEO Torsten Muller otvos that Rolls Royce would launch the first pure electric vehicle before 2030. This is another super luxury brand after Bentley, which is about to start the process of electrification.
Electric vehicles have the potential to be excellent police cruisers. After all, it's not hard to imagine police officers using them to silently creep up on perps.
Australians are buying more Chinese cars than ever, and a range of new brands are emerging that could have established makers very worried.
A few days ago, we learned from overseas media that the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be unveiled on September 29, and also includes the 4xe plug-in hybrid version.
Recently, according to media reports, Renault plans to launch another pure electric SUV. This new car will be born on the cmf-ev platform, with a wheelbase of 2780mm, a battery pack with a maximum capacity of 87kwh and a range of 310 miles (about 499km). The car is expected to appear at the Paris auto show in 2022 and go on sale in 2023.
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